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Paper: Implementation of a New Code Generator, Based on Eclipse Modeling Framework, for the Antennas Control Devices of the ALMA and LLAMA Observatories
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 481
Authors: Martínez, C.; Avarias, J.; Galeas, P.
Abstract: The ALMA Common Software (ACS), currently uses code generation to give software support to the different types of hardware devices that each antenna has, these devices can communicate via CAN bus or Ethernet protocols within the Control software. The technology that is used to generate the drivers employs Open Architecture Ware (OAW), this is a generator framework that supports parsing of arbitrary models and a language to check and transform models to generate code based on them. However, this technology is currently obsolete, and no updates or support exists since 2008 (Sven Efftinge et al. 2008). Given this, it is necessary to replace this code generator, with a new solution based on Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). This Eclipse framework, allows to model a particular software problem and generate code based on a model. We present a brief overview of the technologies that were used and how the present investigation and implemented work has produced a new design of a code generation module for the ACS framework.
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