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Paper: The Evolution of the Simulation Environment in the ALMA Observatory
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 575
Authors: Shen, T.; Soto, R.; Saez, N.; Velez, G.; Staig, T.; Sepulveda, J.; Saez, A.; Ovando, N.; Ibsen, a. J.
Abstract: The Atacama Large Millimeter /submillimeter Array (ALMA) has entered into operation phase since 2013. This transition changed the priorities within the observatory, in which, most of the available time will be dedicated to science observations at the expense of technical time. Therefore, it was planned to design and implement a new simulation environment, which must be comparable - or at least- be representative of the production environment. Concepts of model in the loop and hardware in the loop were explored. In this paper we review experiences gained and lessons learnt during the design and implementation of the new simulation environment.
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