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Paper: Gemini Observatory Quality Assessment Pipeline (QAP)
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 659
Authors: Anderson, K.; Labrie, K.; Simpson, C.; Turner, J. E. H.
Abstract: Using the Gemini Observatory's own data abstraction, called AstroData, and the Observatory's Recipe System pipeline framework, Gemini Observatory has developed a Quality Assessment Pipeline or “QAP”, which operates as a near Real Time pipeline producing measurable metrics vis-a-vis observational conditions. The near-real time QAP is an operational tool used to ensure that programs are being executed under conditions specified by the proposal. Metrics produced by the QAP include Image Quality (IQ), Cloud Cover (CC), and Background (BG). QAP components will report these generated metrics to a metrics database hosted by the Observatory facility called, “fitsstore.” If available, an ancillary application, the “adcc,” can receive metrics packets and display them on any web browser. A reprocessing effort that generated metrics for the Gemini South telescope from January, 2003 are also presented.
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