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Paper: Next Generation GMRT Monitor and Control System
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 667
Authors: Kodilkar, J.; Kumthekar, V.; Uprade, R.; Kanade, C.; Katore, S.; Bhong, D.; Sherkar, S.; Nayak, S.; Gupta, Y.; Thigale, K.; Amin, B.; Pritesh, A.; Khatri, K.; Rajas, G.; Sarojini, B.; Patwari, P.; Banerjee, A.; Chaudhuri, S.; Swaminathan, N.
Abstract: The Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT), built and operated by NCRA, is a SKA path finder facility, to explore and study SKA related technology and science. NCRA is leading effort for the design of SKA Telescope Manager (TM) work package which is responsible for development of hardware and software necessary to control the SKA telescope. A Next Generation M & C System is being developed as part of the ongoing upgrade of GMRT, which aims to provide end to end radio telescope software solution, ranging from auto execution of scheduled observing proposal to meta-data generation for supporting science data analysis. It is being developed in synergy with the SKA-TM work-package, using very similar design ideas and technology choices. The GMRT Software Architecture description maps the functional modules of the SKA-TM design (such as OBSMGT, TELMGT, TM.LMC) to corresponding modules of the GMRT M&C System. The M&C system has been developed using TANGO software framework to control and monitor GMRT antennas and associated systems. The work is being done in a close collaboration between the GMRT team members and the industry partners, as well as with some of the TM consortium design team members from India. This Tango based next generation M&C system for the GMRT, by virtue of its design, technology choices, and the timeline of production, can acts as a early test-bench for verifying various aspects of the SKA-TM design, and can also provide a pathway for developing an evolutionary prototype the SKA TM system to take care of early integration requirement of the SKA-AVI process.
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