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Paper: CV Portal: A Collaborative Cataclysmic Variable Web-based Portal
Page: 43
Authors: Santos, R.; Rodrigues, C. V.; Domingues, M. B. P.; Carolino, F.; Oliveira, A. S.; Belloni, D.; Ederoclite, A.; Ribeiro, L.
Abstract: Cataclysmic variables (CVs) are binary systems composed of a white-dwarf star and a main-sequence star in a compact configuration such that allows mass transfer from the latter on to the former. The matter flow is responsible for a plethora of observable variability, including bright outbursts, which give them the cataclysmic adjective. The main currently available CV catalogs are no longer up to date, even though many new CVs have been found since their last versions. In addition, it is expected that a large number of CVs will be discovered by forthcoming instruments, making a new CV catalog a timely development. In this contribution, we present the status of the production of a new CV catalog, which is embedded in a website called CV Portal. Some of its basic functionalities are the inspection (or download) of the entire catalog and the search for objects by name or coordinates. More importantly, the catalog is planned to be a collaborative tool, in the sense that any user can submit new entries, which are automatically included in the catalog after the approval by one of the CV Portal administrators. A preliminary version of the website is already running in a provisional server and has been improved before a definite first release, which is planned for 2021.
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