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Paper: The European HST Post-mission Science Archive
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 182
Authors: Albrecht, R.; Fosbury, R.A.; Freudling, W.; Haase, J.; Hook, R.N.; Kuntschner, H.; Kuemmel, M.; Micol, A.; Rosa, M.; Sforna, D.; Walsh, J.R.
Abstract: The HST design life time of 15 years was passed in 2005. Even though the HST is still producing science and a Shuttle-based servicing mission is being planned for 2008, it is prudent to start the planning for a post-mission archive. This will provide continued access to the HST data for the community. As continued availability of HST-specific instrument science capability cannot assumed to be available after the end of the mission, the contents of the archive, especially the metadata, will have to be augmented such that analysis by future users, including a possible re-structuring and re-location of the archive, are possible. This includes re-calibration of spectral data based on the instrument modeling concept. Considerable instrument science expertise is required for advanced science data products, which are to be derived from archive data. In collaboration with the STScI and the CADC, the ST-ECF have started to build the Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA), which will contain such high level products. This paper describes the concepts for the European HST Post-Mission Science Archive, the planned contributions to the HLA, the status of the collaboration with the other archive sites and the relation to Euro-VO.
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