Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Volume: 376 Year: 2007 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Shaw, Richard A.; Hill, Frank; Bell, David J.
This volume contains papers presented at the 16th annual conference on Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS XVI). The meeting themes addressed challenges and solutions for very large, compute-intensive systems. Major new astronomical facilities such as ALMA, Gaia, LSST, and the Square-Kilometer Array, to name but a few, are in various stages of planning and design. Their supporting data systems will exceed the current state of the art in many dimensions by multiple orders of magnitude, and will demand a major portion of the facility construction and operating costs. A key challenge will be to extract their full science potential through distributed data systems that make new, innovative use of Grid, database, web service, and visualization technologies.

The 13 invited and 36 contributed talks, 116 posters, seven floor demonstration booths, three focus demo sessions, and seven Birds-of-a-Feather sessions combined to provide a thorough overview of the latest development in astronomical software, applications, data facilities, and algorithms. The key topics for this meeting were Challenges & Solutions for Large Data, Advances in Imaging & Calibration Algorithms, Quality Management in Astronomical Data Management Systems, Modern Grid Computing in Astronomy, Architectures for Large Astronomy Software Systems, and Solar Neighborhood & Planetary Astronomy. While a large number of contributed papers followed these themes, the full range of traditional topic included planning for legacy archives such as that for HST, the continuing development of standards for astronomical data and the Virtual Observatory, and the latest techniques in the algorithm development.

The ADASS conference series has a strong tradition of participant-lead topical sessions within the meeting. This year a record number of “Birds of a Feather” sessions were held on a mix of established and emerging topics, including FITS, Astronomical Data Processing and the VO, The Emerging Infrastructure of Autonomous Astronomy, Bulding Observatory Legacy Archives, Pipeline Processing of Spectroscopic Observations, IRAF Users and Developers, and Next Generation of Visualization Tools for Astrophysics. Summaries of these sessions are included in these proceedings. This book is suitable for software developers, designers of astronomical software systems, astronomers who use astronomical software, and students of any of these fields.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 376 Cover Shaw, R.A.; Hill, F.; Bell, D.J.
Front Matter   
Volume 376 Front Matter 1 Shaw, R.A.; Hill, F.; Bell, D.J.
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Volume 376 Conference Photograph 2 Shaw, R.A.; Hill, F.; Bell, D.J.
Part 1.
Challenges and Solutions for Large Data Volumes
Designing for Peta-Scale in the LSST Database 3 Kantor, J.; Axelrod, T.; Becla, J.; Cook, K.; Nikolaev, S.; Gray, J.; Plante, R.; Nieto-Santisteban, M.; Szalay, A.; Thakar, A.
LSST, the Spatial Cross-Match Challenge 12 Nieto-Santisteban, M.A.; Szalay, A.S.; Thakar, A.R.; Gray, J.
Constructing the Subaru Advanced Data and Analysis Service on the VO 16 Shirasaki, Y.; Tanaka, M.; Honda, S.; Kawanomoto, S.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.; Yasuda, N.; Masunaga, Y.; Ishihara, Y.; Tsutsumi, J.; Nakamoto, H.; Kobayashi, Y.; Sakamoto, M.
A High Performance Spatial Query Engine for Large Event Data Sets Developed for the GLAST LAT Instrument 26 Stephens, T.
AstroGrid Virtual Observatory Access to Large Scale Surveys: The IPHAS Galactic Plane Survey—a Science Driven Example 30 Walton, N.A.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Irwin, M.J.; Drew, J.E.; Hopewell, E.; Greimel, R.; The IPHAS Consortium
Storing and Accessing the Largest Astronomical Catalogs with the SAI CAS Project 34 Koposov, S.; Bartunov, O.; Belinskiy, A.; Karpov, S.
High Performance Data Deployment and Processing 38 Fleming, D.; Plante, R.
Running the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Archive Server 42 Nielsen, E.H. Jr.; Stoughton, C.
The ALMA Science Archive Network 46 Wicenec, A.; Meuss, H.; Wang, V.; Etoka, S.; Williams, S.; Hill, N.
Pixel-Level Simulation of Imaging Data 50 Stoughton, C.; Kuropatkin, N.P.; Neilsen, E. Jr.; Harms, D.C.
Synoptic Data in the WFCAM& VISTA Science Archive 54 Cross, N.; Hambly, N.; Collins, R.; Bryant, J.; Mann, R.; Read, M.; Sutorius, E.; Williams, P.
Part 2.
Grid Computing in Astronomy
Simulating the Planck Mission on a Distributed Computing Architecture: The DEISA and EGEE Experiences 61 Gheller, C.; Leach, S.; Taffoni, G.; Vuerli, C.; Pasian, F.
An All-Sky 2MASS Mosaic Constructed on the TeraGrid 65 Laity, A.; Berriman, G.B.; Good, J.C.; Katz, D.S.; Jacob, J.C.; Brieger, L.; Moore, R.; Williams, R.; Deelman, E.; Singh, G.; Su, M.-H.
A Framework for Analyzing Massive Astrophysical Datasets on a Distributed Grid 69 Gardner, J.P.; Connolly, A.; McBride, C.
Grid Technologies Applied to Instrument Processors and Image Analysis 73 Vallejo, J.C.; Vazquez, R.
Solar System Data Access and Analysis with AstroGrid 77 Dalla, S.; Richards, A.M.S.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Walton, N.A.; Tedds, J.A.
Seamless Distributed Observing with eSTAR 81 Allan, A.; Naylor, T.; White, R.R.; Seaman, R.L.
Remote Interface to Science Analysis Tools for Grid Architecture: The XMM-Newton SAS Case 85 Ibarra, A.; de la Calle, I.; Tapiador, D.; Loiseau, N.; Gabriel, C.; Salgado, J.; Osuna, P.
Managing Astronomical Data in the Grid through CFITSIO 89 Taffoni, G.; Barisani, A.; Vuerli, C.; Pence, W.; Pasian, F.
Athena: a Grid-Based Code for Astrophysical Gas Dynamics 93 Teuben, P.J.; Stone, J.; Gardiner, T.
Part 3.
Software Architecture
Gaia Data Processing Architecture 99 O'Mullane, W.; Lammers, U.; Bailer-Jones, C.; Bastian, U.; Brown, A.G.A.; Drimmel, R.; Eyer, L.; Huc, C.; Katz, D.; Lindegren, L.; Pourbaix, D.; Luri, X.; Torra, J.; Mignard, F.; van Leeuwen, F.
Spitzer Science Center within an Enterprise Architecture 109 Handley, T.; the IPAC ISG, DBA, and SDM Teams
Software Architecture of the Spitzer Archive Interface 119 Chavez, J.; Wu, X.; Roby, W.; Hoac, A.; Goldina, T.; Hartley, B.
Image Processing Application for Cognition: IPAC Architecture and Implementation in Java 123 Pesenson, M.; Roby, W.; Chavez, J.; Reach, W.; Rho, J.; Ly, L.; Wu, X.; Hartley, B.; Laher, R.; Kouri, T.
CASA Architecture and Applications 127 McMullin, J.P.; Waters, B.; Schiebel, D.; Young, W.; Golap, K.
Chandra Automatic Processing Task Interface: An Adaptable System Architecture 131 Grier, J.D. Jr.; Plummer, D.
NOAO DMaSS Solutions Platform: An Integrated Approach to Services 135 Lowry, S.J.; Warner, P.B.
System Architecture for a Hubble Legacy Archive 139 Miller, W.W. III; Gaffney, N.; Jenkner, H.; Whitmore, B.
Part 4.
The Many Faces of SIMBAD 145 Genova, F.
NED for a New Era 153 Mazzarella, J.M.; the NED Team
ESA Planetary Science Archive 163 Arviset, C.; Dowson, J.; Ortiz, I.; Parrilla, E.; Salgado, J.; Zender, J.
The Chandra Source Catalog 172 Fabbiano, G.; Evans, I.; Evans, J.; Glotfelty, K.; Hain, R.; McCollough, M.; Primini, F.; Rots, A.; Calderwood, T.; Doe, S.; Grier, J.; Harbo, P.; Karovska, M.; McDowell, J.; Plummer, D.; Paton, L.; Tibbetts, M.; Van Stone, D.; Zografou, P.
XMM-Newton Data Reprocessing and Creation of the 2XMM X-ray Catalog 178 Fyfe, D.J.
The European HST Post-mission Science Archive 182 Albrecht, R.; Fosbury, R.A.; Freudling, W.; Haase, J.; Hook, R.N.; Kuntschner, H.; Kuemmel, M.; Micol, A.; Rosa, M.; Sforna, D.; Walsh, J.R.
Prototype Development for a Hubble Legacy Archive 185 Whitmore, B.C.
Archiving Community Contributed Data in MAST 189 Levay, K.; Kamp, I.; Thompson, R.; Smith, M.; White, R.L.
A Footprint Service for the HST Archive 193 Greene, G.; Lubow, S.; Budavari, T.; Szalay, A.
Solar System Bodies Search Capability for the ST-ECF Hubble Archive 197 Sforna, D.; Micol, A.
Astronomical Archive at Tartu Observatory 201 Annuk, K.
The Public Archives at the NASA Michelson Science Center 205 Berriman, G.B.; the MSC Archive Team
Data Processing and Archiving Software for the Kepler Mission 209 Swam, M.S.; Swade, D.; Sontag, C.; Heller-Boyer, C.; Gaffney, N.; Kidwell, R.
New Features of Subaru Telescope Science Archive System, SMOKA 213 Enoki, M.; Nakata, F.; Yoshino, A.; Yamada, Y.; Yagi, M.; Takata, T.; Ichikawa, S.; Ozawa, T.; Horaguchi, T.
ASPID-SR: Prototype of a VO-Compliant, Science-Ready Data Archive 217 Chilingarian, I.; Afanasiev, V.; Bonnarel, F.; Dodonov, S.; Louys, M.; Zolotukhin, I.
Calibration and Imaging for the Next Generation of Radio Synthesis Telescopes 223 Cornwell, T.J.
LOFAR Core Station 1 Imaging Pipeline: The LOFAR Prototype Data Processing Pipeline 233 Renting, G.A.; Nijboer, R.J.
LOFAR Calibration 237 Nijboer, R.J.; Noordam, J.E.
ALMA Pipeline Heuristics 241 Muders, D.; Boone, F.; Wyrowski, F.; Lightfoot, J.; Kosugi, G.; Wilson, C.; Davis, L.; Shepherd, D.
PHLAG: Pipeline for Hubble Legacy Archive GrismData 245 Kuemmel, M.; Albrecht, R.; Fosbury, R.F.; Freudling, W.; Haase, J.; Hook, R.N.; Kuntschner, H.; Micol, A.; Rosa, M.; Sforna, D.; Walsh, J.R.
Automating Reduction of Multifiber Spectra from the MMT Hectospec and Hectochelle 249 Mink, D.J.; Wyatt, W.F.; Caldwell, N.; Conroy, M.A.; Furesz, G.; Tokarz, S.P.
Virtual Astronomical Pipelines 253 Dave, R.; Protopapas, P.; Lehner, M.
The Pan-STARRS Moving Object Pipeline 257 Denneau,, L. Jr.; Kubica, J.; Jedicke, R.
NICRED: A NICMOS Image Processing Pipeline 261 Magee, D.K.; Bouwens, R.J.; Illingworth, G.D.
The NOAO High-Performance Pipeline System: Architecture Overview 265 Scott, D.; Pierfederici, F.; Swaters, R.A.; Thomas, B.; Valdes, F.G.
The NOAO High-Performance Pipeline System: The Mosaic Camera Pipeline 269 Swaters, R.A.; Valdes, F.G.
The NOAO High-Performance Pipeline System: The Mosaic Camera Pipeline Algorithms 273 Valdes, F.G.; Swaters, R.A.
Update on Data Processing with the GBT 277 Garwood, R.W.; Braatz, J.A.; Maddalena, R.J.; Marganian, P.; Minter, A.H.
The VIRUS Emission Line Detection Recipe 281 Goessl, C.A.; Hopp, U.; Koehler, R.; Grupp, F.; Relke, H.; Drory, N.; Gebhardt, K.; Hill, G.; MacQueen, P.
Processing WIRCam/CFHT Wide-Field Near-Infrared Data at TERAPIX 285 Marmo, C.
The PRIMA Astrometric Data Reduction Software 289 de Jong, J.A.; Delplancke, F.; Palsa, R.; Ballester, P.; Quirrenbach, A.; Elias, N.; Reffert, S.; Koehler, R.; Launhardt, R.; Tubbs, R.; Stilz, I.; Henning, T.; Megevand, D.; Segransan, D.; Pepe, F.; Queloz, D.
Gaia Data Processing: Status, Architecture, First Results 293 Hernandez, J.; Hoar, J.; Lammers, U.; ter Linden, M.; O'Mullane, W.; Parsons, P.; Raison, F.; de Teodoro, P.
Reduction and Segmentation of Hyperspectral Data Cubes 297 Genova, F.; Petremand, M.; Bonnarel, F.; Louys, M.; Collet, C.
MUSE Data Reduction & Analysis 301 Gerssen, J.; Weilbacher, P.; Boehm, P.; Roth, M.; the MUSE Team
Calibration Software for the Kepler Mission 305 Grumm, D.; Hodge, P.E.
Web-Service Based Approaches to Image Calibration 309 Brewer, J.; Connolly, A.; Krughoff, S.; Scranton, R.
The Challenge of Photometric Alignment: Proper Flat Fielding 313 Riffeser, A.; Goessl, C.A.; Koppenhoefer, J.
ESO Reflex: Using a Workflow Engine for Data Reduction 317 Ullgren, M.; Maisala, S.; Oittinen, T.; Hook, R.N.; Romaniello, M.; Peron, M.; Licha, T.; Izzo, C.; Solin, O.; Savolainen, V.; Lindroos, J.; Jaervelaeinen, P.
Part 6.
Databases and Data Engineering
A Customizable Database Server: MCS, a Flexible Resource for Astronomical Projects 323 Nicastro, L.; Calderone, G.
Chandra Data Archive Support for the Chandra Source Catalog 327 Zografou, P.; Harbo, P.; Tibbetts, M.; Van Stone, D.
Metadata for VO-compatible Spectral Files in FITS Format 331 Kamp, I.; Thompson, R.; Smith, M.; Levay, K.; White, R.L.; Micol, A.; Durand, D.
An Enhanced Multi-mission Calibration Database for High Energy Astrophysics 335 Evans, I.N.; Graessle, D.E.; He, X.H.; Glotfelty, K.J.
EXODAT: A VO-Compliant Database for Exoplanetary Systems 339 Meunier, J.-C.; Deleuil, M.; Moutou, C.; Ouchani, M.; Savalle, R.; Surace, C.
Kepler Data Formats 343 Swade, D.A.
Common Archive Observation Model 347 Dowler, P.D.; Gaudet, S.; Durand, D.; Redman, R.; Hill, N.; Goliath, S.
FITS Foreign File Encapsulation 351 Zarate, N.; Seaman, R.; Tody, D.
Comprehensive Metadata Query Interface for Heterogeneous Data Archives Based on Open-Source PostgreSQL ORDBMS 355 Zolotukhin, I.; Samokhvalov, N.; Bonnarel, F.; Chilingarian, I.
The Horizon Project Database 358 Le Fevre, J.-P.; Wozniak, H.; Devriendt, J.; Teyssier, R.
Part 7.
Quality Management and Quality Control
Quality Management in Astronomical Software and Data Systems 363 Radziwill, N.M.
Distributed Quality Control of VLT Data at ESO 373 Hanuschik, R.
Logging and Exception Management for SOA-Based Composite Applications 377 Briegel, F.; Berwein, J.; Kittmann, F.; Gaessler, W.
Commissioning the NOAO DataManagement System 381 Lanning, H.H.; Seaman, R.; Smith, R.C.
Observations Metadata Database at the European Southern Observatory 385 Dobrzycki, A.; Brandt, D.; Giot, D.; Lockhart, J.; Rodriguez, J.; Rossat, N.; Vuong, M.H.
Development of a Quality Assessment System for Subaru Data: NAQATA 389 Nakata, F.; Enoki, M.; Ideta, M.; Yagi, M.; Yoshino, A.; Yamada, Y.; Takata, T.; Ichikawa, S.
Part 8.
Algorithms and Analysis
Efficient Algorithms for Large-Scale Asteroid Discovery 395 Kubica, J.; Denneau, L. Jr.; Moore, A.; Jedicke, R.; Connolly, A.
The Lost Flux Method: A New Algorithm for Improving the Precision of Space-Based Near-Infrared Stellar Photometry with Lossy Detectors 405 Mighell, K.J.
Adaptive Resonance Theory Neural Networks for Astronomical Region of Interest Detection and Noise Characterization 409 Young, R.J.; Ritthaler, M.; Healy, M.; Caudell, T.P.; Zimmer, P.; McGraw, J.
Bayesian Belief Networks for Astronomical Object Recognition and Classification in CTI-II 413 Ritthaler, M.; Luger, G.; Young, R.; McGraw, J.; Zimmer, P.
Deterministic and Statistical Parameter Space Sampling: an Autonomous Driver for ScientificWorkflows 417 Hovest, W.; Stojceska, G.; Saverchenko, I.; Adorf, H.-M.; Ensslin, T.; Riller, Th.
Classification and Astrophysical Parameter Estimation from Gaia: Design and First Results 421 Tiede, C.; Holmberg, J.; Bailer-Jones, C.A.L.
CUPID: A Clump Identification and Analysis Package 425 Berry, D.S.; Reinhold, K.; Jenness, T.; Economou, F.
Survey of Methods of Photometric Redshifts 429 Wang, D.; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, Y.
Correcting MIPS/Spitzer Images for Distortion 433 Morrison, J.E.; Stamper, B.L.; Shupe, D.L.
Optimal Point-Source Extraction for Spitzer IRS Spectra 437 Narron, R.; Ogle, P.; Laher, R.R.
Automatic Spectral Classification of High Energy Transients Based on the Global Fit Approach 441 Chernenko, A.
A PSF Deconvolution Algorithm For Quasar Images 445 Michael, A.M.; Baum, S.A.; O'Dea, C.P.
Multi-resolution Image Registration Algorithm(MIRA): Robust Automated Image Registration Using Python 449 Hack, W.J.; Dencheva, N.
Data Mining for Extra-Solar Planets 453 Borne, K.D.; Chang, A.
Band Merging of Spitzer Detections in the SWIRE Fields 457 Shupe, D.L.; Alexov, A.; Evans, T.; Fang, F.; Fowler, J.W.; Lonsdale, C.J.; Surace, J.A.; Afonso-Luis, A.
Post-Band Merge Utilities Applied to Spitzer Pleiades Data 461 Laher, R.R.; Fowler, J.W.
Part 9.
Tools and Technologies
Closing the Loop: Linking Datasets to Publications and Back 467 Accomazzi, A.; Eichhorn, G.; Rots, A.
A New Approach to Tagging Data in the Astronomical Literature 471 Alexov, A.; Good, J.C.
Data Service: Distributed Data Capture and Replication 475 Warner, P.B.; Pietrowicz, S.R.
DTS Tracker: Guaranteed Delivery for the NOAO Data Management System 479 Huang, Z.; Seaman, R.; Barg, I.
Astronomical Tiled Image Compression: How and Why 483 Seaman, R.; Pence, W.; White, R.; Dickinson, M.; Valdes, F.; Zarate, N.
The Milan-Marseille Future Astronomical Software Environment Prototype 487 Garilli, B.; Paioro, L.; Fenouillet, T.; Surace, C.
Astro-WISE: Chaining to the Universe 491 Valentijn, E.A.; McFarland, J.P.; Snigula, J.; Begeman, K.G.; Boxhoorn, D.R.; Rengelink, R.; Helmich, E.; Heraudeau, P.; Kleijn, G.V.; Vermeij, R.; Vriend, W.-J.; Tempelaar, M.J.; Deul, E.; Kuijken, K.; Capaccioli, M.; Silvotti, R.; Bender, R.; Neeser, M.; Saglia, R.; Bertin, E.; Mellier, Y.
FITS Files and Regular Grammars: A DMaSS Design Case Study 499 Cooke, A.; Egana, A.; Lowry, S.
VOTable Construction and a Simple, Lazy, Expression Evaluator: Two Technical Aspects of the DMaSS 503 Egana, A.; Cooke, A.
VOTables in TERAPIX software 507 Bertin, E.; Tissier, G.
Binding Applications Together with PLASTIC 511 Taylor, J.D.; Boch, T.; Comparato, M.; Taylor, M.; Winstanley, N.; Mann, R.G.
The NOAO Data Management System: Day-to-Day Challenges of Managing the DMS 515 Barg, I.; Seaman, R.; Lanning, H.; Smith, R.C.; Saavedra, N.
Crates: High-Level I/O Interface for Scripting Languages 519 Cresitello-Dittmar, M.; Burke, D.; Doe, S.; Evans, I.; Evans, J.; Germain, G.; Lyn, J.
Generating Software Modules Using Model Driven Software Development 523 Farris, A.
SIMBAD4: Experiences Gained from the Development 527 Wenger, M.; Oberto, A.
Agile Development Processes: Delivering a Successful Data Management PlatformNow and in the Future 531 Deaubl, E.; Lowry, S.
Lifecycle Management for SOA-Based Composite Applications 535 Berwein, J.; Briegel, F.; Kittmann, F.; Pavlov, A.; Gaessler, W.
On the Migration of the Gemini IRAF Package to the STScI PyRAF Environment 539 Labrie, K.; Jedrzejewski, R.; Gemini/STScI PyRAF Collaboration Team
Developing Sherpa with Python 543 Doe, S.; Nguyen, D.; Stawarz, C.; Refsdal, B.; Siemiginowska, A.; Burke, D.; Evans, I.; Evans, J.; McDowell, J.; Houck, J.; Nowak, M.
AstroAsciiData: Table Handling in Python 547 Haase, J.; Kuemmel, M.
Astronomy, Linux and the Problem of Large File Support 551 Collins, R.S.; Bryant, J.; Cross, N.; Hambly, N.; Holliman, M.; Read, M.; Sutorius, E.; Williams, P.
The Hera Data Analysis Service at the HEASARC 554 Pence, W.D.; Chai, P.
Part 10.
Virtual Observatory
Footprint Services for Everyone 559 Budavari, T.; Dobos, L.; Szalay, A.S.; Greene, G.; Gray, J.; Rots, A.H.
Knowledge Discovery Framework for the Virtual Observatory 563 Thomas, B.; Shaya, E.; Huang, Z.; Teuben, P.
VOSpace: a Prototype for Grid 2.0 567 Graham, M.J.; Morris, D.; Rixon, G.
Astro Runtime: An API to the Virtual Observatory 571 Winstanley, N.; Taylor, J.D.; Taylor, M.B.; Noddle, K.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Lindroos, J.
Integrating IRAF with the Virtual Observatory 575 Fitzpatrick, M.; Malik, O.; Holdaway, K.; Tody, D.
The NOAO NVO Portal: Overall Design & Implementation 579 Fuentes, E.; Miller, C.J.; Gasson, D.
The NOAO NVO Portal: Client-Side VO 583 Gasson, D.; Fuentes, E.; Miller, C.J.
Integration of Theoretical Data in the Virtual Observatory 587 Smareglia, R.; Manzato, P.; Gheller, C.; Becciani, U.; Manna, V.; Marseglia, L.; Pasian, F.; Taffoni, G.
On-the-Fly X-ray Analysis for the Virtual Observatory 591 Ptak, A.; Connolly, A.; Krughoff, S.
The Quest for Astronomical Sources: VOQuest 595 Osuna, P.; Ortiz, I.; Stebe, A.; Salgado, J.; Barbarisi, I.; Arviset, C.
VODA 599 Lindroos, J.; Jaervelaeinen, P.; Hook, R.; Ullgren, M.
How to Access Spectral Line Databases in the IVOA: SLAP Services in VOSpec 603 Salgado, J.; Osuna, P.; Guainazzi, M.; Barbarisi, I.; Arviset, C.
VO Registry Queries and Ontologies 607 Derriere, S.; Richard, A.; Preite-Martinez, A.
ESA VO: VO Services and Activities 611 Barbarisi, I.; Salgado, J.; Ortiz, I.; Stebe, A.; Parrilla, E.; Osuna, P.; Arviset, C.
The NOAO End-to-End Data Management System: An Overview 615 Smith, R.C.; Dickinson, M.; Lowry, S.; Miller, C.J.; Trueblood, M.; Valdes, F.; the NOAO/DPP Team
Part 11.
Visualization of Astronomical Data
Application of Medical Imaging Software to 3D Visualization of Astronomical Data 621 Borkin, M.; Goodman, A.; Halle, M.; Alan, D.
The NOAO NVO Portal 625 Miller, C.J.; Gasson, D.; Fuentes, E.
Spatial Indexing and Visualization of Large Multi-Dimensional Databases 629 Dobos, L.; Csabai, I.; Trencseni, M.; Herczegh, G.; Jozsa, P.; Purger, N.
VisIVO: A Tool for the Virtual Observatory and Grid Environment 633 Becciani, U.; Comparato, M.; Costa, A.; Larsson, B.; Gheller, C.; Pasian, F.; Smareglia, R.
Astronomical Visualization for Education 637 Christian, C.A.; Conti, A.
Part 12.
Observatory and Instrument Control
The Large Binocular Telescope: Really a Binocular Now 643 Hill, J.M.
HERMES, a High-Resolution, Fiber-Fed Spectrograph for the MERCATOR Telescope 653 De Cuyper, J.-P.; Hensberge, H.; Raskin, G.; Van Winckel, H.; Lehmann, H.; Winkler, J.; Laux, U.
A Java GUI Client for Remote Interactive Observing: a Front-End to the Telescope Automation and Remote Observing System (TAROS) 657 Smith, D.F.; Czezowski, A.; Jarnyk, M.A.; Roberts, W.H.; Wilson, G.M.; Young, P.J.; Green, A.C.; Hovey, G.R.; Nielsen, J.G.; Sebo, K.M.; Vaccarella, A.L.
LINC-NIRVANA Instrument Control Software 661 Kittmann, F.; Gaessler, W.; Briegel, F.; Berwein, J.
Observation Preparation and Support Software for LINC-NIRVANA 665 Pavlov, A.I.; Berwein, J.; Gaessler, W.; Briegel, F.
Astronomical Timekeeping Strategies to Accommodate Possible Changes to UTC 669 Allen, S.; Seaman, R.; Bunclark, P.; Calabretta, M.; McDowell, J.; Page, C.; Rots, A.; Veillet, C.
Dynamic Scheduling in ALMA 673 Lucero, S.; Farris, A.
Part 13.
Birds of a Feather Sessions
FITS 679 Pence, W.D.
BoF Summary: Astronomical Data Processing and VO 681 Tody, D.; Grosbel, P.
The Emerging Infrastructure of Autonomous Astronomy 683 Seaman, R.; Allan, A.; Axelrod, T.; Cook, K.; White, R.; Williams, R.
BoF Session: Building Observatory Legacy Archives 685 Hook, R.N.; Whitmore, B.C.
Pipeline Processing of Spectroscopic Observations 686 Griffin, E.
IRAF Users and Developers 688 Fitzpatrick, M.; Valdes, F.; Seaman, R.; Zarate, N.
Next Generation of Visualization Tools for Astrophysics 690 Gheller, C.; Becciani, U.; Teuben, P.J.
Part 14.
Demonstration Sessions
GAIA 3D: Visualizing Data Cubes 695 Draper, P.W.; Currie, M.J.; Jenness, T.; Leech, J.; Economou, F.; Berry, D.S.; Taylor, M.B.
The XCATDB: a Complex Database Based on Saada 699 Motch, C.; Michel, L.; Pineau, F.X.
ESA Science Archives 703 Arviset, C.; Barbarisi, I.; Bini, G.; Dowson, J.; Fajersztejn, N.; Freschi, M.; Gomez, P.; Guainazzi, M.; Leon, I.; Ortiz, I.; Parrilla, E.; Osuna, P.; Salgado, J.; Stebe, A.
The NOAO Data Products Program: Developing an End-to-End Data Management System in Support of the Virtual Observatory 707 Smith, R.C.; Boroson, T.; Seaman, R.; the NOAO/DPP Team
CIAO 4 Preview: Sherpa and ChIPS Demo 711 Refsdal, B.; Germain, G.; Burke, D.; Doe, S.; Evans, I.; Evans, J.; McDowell, J.; McLaughlin, W.; Milaszewski, R.; Miller, J.; Nguyen, D.; Stawarz, C.; Siemiginowska, A.; Houck, J.; Nowak, M.
The AstroGrid Virtual Observatory Service 715 Walton, N.A.; the AstroGrid Consortium
Building an Astronomical Database with Saada 719 Michel, L.; Millan, P.; Motch, C.; Pineau, F.X.
Back Matter   
Volume 376 Back Matter 723 Shaw, R.A.; Hill, F.; Bell, D.J.