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Paper: Web-Service Based Approaches to Image Calibration
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 309
Authors: Brewer, J.; Connolly, A.; Krughoff, S.; Scranton, R.
Abstract: The development of large imaging surveys covering the optical and infrared makes data calibration impractical to carry out “by hand” as it requires comparison of the uncalibrated image to reference data. The tools of the Virtual Observatory allow these comparisons to be automated in an efficient way that does not require large local databases. We discuss here new web service based approaches to automated photometric and astrometric calibration of imaging data that utilize Open SkyQuery for data retrieval and Wesix for source extraction. We show how these tools are currently being used to extract source catalogs from a large imaging data set, demonstrating that our approach can scale to data sets the size of SDSS. Moreover, our methods are general and can be applied to any image with reference data present in Open SkyQuery. Our software serves as a case study for applying web services to large data sets and exemplifies how this new approach to software is a plausible way for typical astronomers to utilize large data sets for calibration.
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