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Paper: Development of a Quality Assessment System for Subaru Data: NAQATA
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 389
Authors: Nakata, F.; Enoki, M.; Ideta, M.; Yagi, M.; Yoshino, A.; Yamada, Y.; Takata, T.; Ichikawa, S.
Abstract: We have developed a quality assessment system for data obtained by the Subaru Telescope (NAQATA). Our final goal is to construct a quality control system with real-time feedback of data quality to observatory operations. Our system consists of FITS format check, FITS header information check, and data quality evaluation. The data quality evaluation includes 1) measurement of seeing size and elongation, 2) photometric zero point calculation, 3) trend analysis of bias level and sky background level, and 4) monitoring gain and readout noise of each CCD. Since our data quality assessment is also useful for setting search constraints in data archives, we provide some components to the public data archive for the Subaru Telescope (SMOKA). The future plans of the data quality assessment system are also discussed.
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