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Paper: On-the-Fly X-ray Analysis for the Virtual Observatory
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 591
Authors: Ptak, A.; Connolly, A.; Krughoff, S.
Abstract: Source Identification with XMatching (WESIX) is a web service for automatically detecting sources in a given optical image and cross-matching the results with requested databases. XAssist is a software package that automatically analyzes X-ray observations. We are expanding WESIX to support X-ray data by incorporating the capabilities of XAssist. Users will be able to upload an X-ray image for (preliminary) analysis as is done with optical images, and in addition the XAssist pipeline processes archival data in order to allow for more advanced analysis. Examples of advanced analysis include performing spectral or spatial fitting for detected sources, and determining upper limits for non-detections at specified positions.
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