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Paper: The Quest for Astronomical Sources: VOQuest
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 595
Authors: Osuna, P.; Ortiz, I.; Stebe, A.; Salgado, J.; Barbarisi, I.; Arviset, C.
Abstract: The quest for astronomical objects requires time, effort, and tools of varying degrees of complexity and efficiency. Today the Virtual Observatory is opening the doors to effortless astronomical research. Among other activities, the International Virtual Observatory Alliance is defining standards that will allow seamless interoperation among astronomical archives. These standards define what an astronomical source is, the language to access the details of the source, and how to combine both for effective data acquisition. The ESAVO VOQuest prototype tool integrates these protocols allowing a user to select astronomical sources from different archives such as catalogs, databases, etc. By making use of the IVOA-endorsed ADQL, Basic SkyNode and Source Data Model standards, this tool allows the astronomer to cross-correlate large amounts of information on astronomical sources with unprecedent ease, helping to make decisions on the nature and identification of the different objects.
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