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Paper: The Emerging Infrastructure of Autonomous Astronomy
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 683
Authors: Seaman, R.; Allan, A.; Axelrod, T.; Cook, K.; White, R.; Williams, R.
Abstract: Advances in the understanding of cosmic processes demand that sky transient events be confronted with statistical techniques honed on static phenomena. Time domain data sets require vast surveys such as LSST and Pan-STARRS. A new autonomous infrastructure must close the loop from the scheduling of survey observations, through data archiving and pipeline processing, to the publication of transient event alerts and automated follow-up, and to the easy analysis of resulting data.

The IVOA VOEvent working group leads efforts to characterize sky transient alerts published through VOEventNet. The Heterogeneous Telescope Networks (HTN) consortium are observatories and robotic telescope projects seeking interoperability with a long-term goal of creating an e-market for telescope time. Two projects relying on VOEvent and HTN are eSTAR and the Thinking Telescope Project.

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