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Paper: UBVR photometry of young, massive M31 clusters
Volume: 13, The Formation and Evolution of Star Clusters
Page: 575
Authors: King, Jeremy R.; Lupton, Robert H.
Abstract: We present the results of UBVR photometry of ten bright, blue disk clusters in M31 selected from a list of 14 suggested by Elson and Walterbos (1988) to be young on the basis of their UBV colors. The V band luminosities range from 3 x 10 exp 4 to 4 x 10 exp 5 solar luminosities. The mean, (B-V) color is less than 0.2, comparable to the massive disk clusters found in the Magellanic Clouds but much less than Galactic globular clusters. The ages estimated from stellar population models range from 2 x 10 exp 7 to 2 x 10 exp 8 yr. Stellar population models of mass-to-luminosity ratio as a function of age yield masses for these clusters of 3 x 10 exp 3 to 5 x 10 exp 4 solar masses - larger than Galactic open clusters, but comparable to the masses of young rich clusters found in the LMC.
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