Title: The Formation and Evolution of Star Clusters
Volume: 13 Year: 1991 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Janes, Kenneth
ISBN: 0-937707-32-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-349-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
Part I. Have Star and Cluster Formation Processes Changed with Time? 1 N/A
The nature, origin and evolution of embedded star clusters 3 Lada, Charles J.; Lada, Elizabeth A.
Massive star clusters and OB associations 23 Garmany, Catharine D.
MM-wave images of star forming clouds - Structure, kinematics, and the conditions for cluster formation 35 Bally, John; Lada, Elizabeth
Interaction of massive stars with the interstellar medium 40 de Geus, E. J.
Star formation in globular clusters and dwarf galaxies and implications for the early evolution of galaxies 55 Lin, Douglas N. C.; Murray, Stephen D.
The role of dense cores in isolated and cluster star formation 73 Myers, P. C.
On self-enrichment models for the halo globular clusters 78 Truran, J. W.; Brown, J.; Burkert, A.
On deriving globular-cluster luminosity functions from CCD observations, with a particular application to the main-sequence turnoff/subgiant branch in metal-poor clusters 88 Stetson, Peter B.
The manifold of globular clusters 112 Djorgovski, S.
Main sequence mass functions in globular clusters 120 Richer, Harvey B.; Fahlman, Gregory G.
Height pattern of the formation places of open clusters 133 Alfaro, Emilio J.; Cabrera-Cano, Jesus; Delgado, Antonio J.
OB stars and the structure of the interstellar medium 136 Balser, Dana S.; Bania, T. M.; Lyon, John G.
The age distribution of galactic open clusters 139 Battinelli, Paolo; Capuzzo-Dolcetta, Roberto
The open cluster NGC 7419 142 Beauchamp, Alain; Moffat, Anthony F. J.
The Serpens OB2 association - Lighting the fire under 'Stockert's chimney' 148 Forbes, Douglas
Atomic and molecular hydrogen in the Rosette Nebula 151 Kuchar, Thomas A.; Bania, T. M.; Blitz, Leo; Stark, Anthony A.
Molecular Hydrogen Imaging of Bipolar Outltows from Young Stars 154 Lane, Adair P.; Bally, John
The initial mass function in the young stellar core clusters of the giant H II regions NGC 3603 (Galaxy) and 30 Doradus (LMC) 155 Lapierre, Normand; Moffat, Anthony F. J.
M/L ratios of two LMC globular clusters - NGC 1835 and NGC 1978 158 Meylan, G.; Dubath, P.; Mayor, M.
Stellar luminosity functions as probes of star formation history 161 Mighell, Kenneth J.
The role of the Galactic disk in globular cluster formation 164 Murray, Stephen D.; Lin, Douglas N. C.
Age calibration and age distribution of LMC clusters 167 Pandey, A. K.; Mahra, H. S.
A study of the spatial variation of mass functions in some young open clusters 170 Pandey, A. K.; Mahra, H. S.; Sagar, Ram
The young open cluster Be 87 and its associated Wolf-Rayet star as a possible source of gamma-rays 173 Phelps, Randy L.; Janes, Kenneth A.
Magnetic Fields and Radiative Shocks in Protogalaxies and the Origin of Globular Clusters 176 Shapiro, Paul R.; Cloechiatti, Alejandro; Kang, Hyesung
Massive Stars in Cygnus OB2 180 Thompson, A. B.; Massey, Phillip
Part II. Stellar Evolution: New Approaches to Unresolved Problems 181 N/A
The status of stellar evolution models 183 Vandenberg, D. A.
Properties of the Globular Cluster Mass Functions 200 Piotto, Giampaolo
The horizontal-branch stars in globular clusters as tracers of galactic evolution 205 Lee, Young-Wook
Do We Realiy Need a-Enhanced Theoretical Isochrones? 219 Chieffi, Alessandro; Straniero, Oscar; Salaris, Maurizio
Stellar models with envelope overshoot 223 Alongi, M.; Bertelli, G.; Bressan, A.; Chiosi, C.
CCD Stromgren Studies in NGC 6397 227 Anthony-Twarog, Barbara J.; Twarog, Bruce A.; Suntzeff, Nicholas B.
CCD Photometry of the Old Open Clusters King 11 and Be 42. Preliminary Results 230 Aparicio, A.; Bertelli, C.; Chiosi, C.; Garcia-Pelayo, J. M.
CCD Photometry of the Galactic Open Cluster NGC 2243 233 Bonifazi, A.; Tosi, M.; Fusi Pecci, F.; Romeo, C.
A new approach to astrophysical parameters evaluation in globular clusters - Test on M15 234 Bono, G.; Fulle, M.; Pulone, L.
The HB width as a function of metals and helium 237 Bono, G.; Pullone, L.
Ruprecht 106: A Young Metal-Poor Calactic Globular Cluster 240 Buonanno, Roberto; Buscema, Guido; Fusi Pecci, Flavio; Richer, Harvey B.; Fahlman, Gregory C.
NGC 2808 - Still a globular cluster with peculiar horizontal branch morphology? 243 Byun, Yong-Ik; Lee, Young-Wook
Further Evidence for a Color Gradient in M15 246 Cederbloom, S. E.; Moss, M. J.; Cohn, H. N.; Lugger, P. M.; Bailyn, C. D.; Grindlay, J. E.; McClure, R. D.
IR photometry of Terzan clusters 250 Christian, C. A.; Friel, E. D.
HB theory and observations - New data on M3 and M13 253 Crocker, Deborah A.
The reddening gradient in M4 256 Cudworth, K. M.; Rees, R. F.
Solar Calibration and the Ages of M67, NGC 188, and NGC 6791 259 Demarque, Pierre; Guenther, David B.; Green, Elizabeth M.
Color and population gradients in globular clusters 262 Djorgovski, S.; Piotto, G.; Mallen-Ornelas, G.
The Detection of the Red Giant Luminosity Function Bump in a Sample of Galactic Globular Clusters 265 Ferraro, F. R.; Fusi Pecci, F.; Crocker, D. A.; Rood, R. T.; Buonanno, R.
A Differential Comparison of 47 TUC and M71 266 Heasley, J. N.; Christian, C. A.
A Search for Faint Variable Stars in M71 269 Hodder, P. J. C.; Nemec, J. M.; Richer, H. B.; Fahlman, C. C.
Photometry of two metal-poor low-latitude globular clusters 272 Janes, K. A.; Heasley, J. N.
A Radial Velocity and Photometric Analysis of NGC 752 275 Latham, David W.; Daniel, Scott A.; Mathieu, Robert D.; Twarog, Bruce A.
RR Lyrae Luminosity Calibrations Using the Baade-Wesselink Method 278 Liu, Tianxing; Janes, Kenneth
Studies of Open Clusters at Uttar Pradesh State Observatory 282 Mahra, H. S.; Pandey, A. K.
CCD Four-Color Observations of Globular Clusters 285 Philip, A. C. Davis
The Main Sequence Gap in Intermediate-Age and Old Open Clusters 287 Pigatto, Luisa
Cleaning up the M28 color-magnitude diagram 290 Rees, R. F.; Cudworth, K. M.
The horizontal branch luminosity-metallicity relation - Preliminary work 293 Sarajedini, Ata; Lederman, Andrew
Evolution versus pulsation on the horizontal branch 296 Simon, Norman R.
Horizontal-branch evolution with time-dependent convective overshooting 299 Sweigart, Allen V.
CCD photometry with a Schmidt telescope 302 Weller, William G.; Anthony-Twarog, Barbara J.; Twarog, Bruce A.
Part III. Clusters as Probes of Dynamical Evolution 305 N/A
Compact objects in globular clusters 307 Bailyn, Charles D.
The role of binaries in cluster dynamical evolution 324 McMillan, Stephen L. W.
Observations of Re-expanding Cores of Globular Clusters 339 Auriere, Michel; Ortolani, Sergio; Coupinot, Gerard
Dissolution of Tidally Limited Star Clusters in Galaxies by Passing Giant Molecular Clouds or Other Massive Objects 343 Wielen, Roland
The Structure and Evolution of Rich Star Clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud 350 Elson, Rebecca A. W.
Radial velocities of turnoff stars in two intermediate-age open clusters 357 Andersen, Johannes; Nordstrom, Birgitta
Optical Counterparts of Globular Cluster X-ray Sources 360 Auriere, Michel; Koch-Miramond, Lydie
The Optical Counterpart of the X-Ray Source in NGC 6712 363 Bailyn, C. D.; Cool, A.; Grindlay, J. E.; Cohn, H. N.; Lugger, P. M.; McClure, R. D.
Globular clusters in the Sombrero galaxy (M104) 366 Bridges, Terry J.; Hanes, David A.
The Effect of Dynamical Friction on Globular Cluster Motion in Triaxial Galaxies 370 Capuzzo-Dolcetta, Roberto; Pesce, Enrico; Vietri, Mario
Effect of tidal fields on star clusters 373 Chernoff, David; Weinberg, Martin
The tidal radii of globular clusters in M31 377 Cohen, Judith; Freeman, Kenneth
Core oscillations in globular cluster evolution - Recent results 381 Cohn, H. N.; Lugger, P. M.; Grabhorn, R. P.; Breeden, J. L.; Packard, N. H.; Murphy, B. W.; Hut, P.
Towards the Comparison of Observations of Globular Clusters and Fokker-Planck Simulations 385 Drukier, G. A.; Fahlman, G. G.; Richer, H. B.
The Globular Cluster System and the Mass of M31: A Progress Report 388 Federici, L.; Bonoli, F.; Fusi Pecci, F.; Marano, B.; Lipovetsky, V. A.; Neizvestny, S. L.; Spassova, N.
Evolving, Dynamical Models for Collapsed-Core Globular Clusters: M15 and NGC 6624 392 Grabhorn, R. P.; Cohn, H. N.; Lugger, P. M.; Murphy, B. W.
CVs and millisecond pulsar progenitors in globular clusters 396 Grindlay, J. E.; Cool, A. M.; Bailyn, C. D.
Techniques for N-Body Codes on the Connection Machine 401 Hertz, Paul; McMillan, Stephen L. W.
Early phases of LMC star clusters? 404 Kontizas, Evangelos; Michalitsianos, Andrew; Kontizas, Mary
Are there two disk star cluster systems in the LMC? 407 Kontizas, Mary; Kontizas, Evangelos
Progress Towards an Understanding of the Blue Straggler Problem 410 Latham, David W.; Milone, Alejandra A. E.
Spectroscopic Binaries, Rotation and Magnetism in Open Clusters and Associations 411 Levato, Hugo; Malaroda, Stella; Morrell, Nidia I.
U-band CCD surface brightness profiles for candidate collapsed-core globular clusters 414 Lugger, Phyllis M.; Cohn, Haldan N.; Grindlay, Jonathan E.; Bailyn, Charles D.; Hertz, Paul L.
Hydrodynamic simulations of close triple encounters 418 McMillan, Stephen L. W.; Cranmer, Steven R.; Shorter, Scott A.; Hernquist, Lars
Star Cluster Evolution with Primordial Binaries 421 McMillan, Stephen L. W.; Hut, Piet; Makino, Junichiro
Binaries among the blue stragglers in M67 424 Milone, Alejandra A. E.; Latham, David W.; Kurucz, Robert L.; Morse, Jon A.
A royal road to clusters and stellar evolution - Binaries-in-clusters applications to cluster studies 427 Milone, E. F.; Schiller, S. J.
A Search for Binaries in Two Open Clusters 433 Morrell, Nidia I.; Abt, Helmut A.
Post-Core Collapse Scenarios of Globular Clusters 436 Latham, David W.; Milone, Alejandra A. E.
Primordial binary stars in the low density globular clusters NGC 5053 and NGC 5466 439 Pryor, Carlton; Schommer, Robert A.; Olszewski, Edward W.
Binary star fraction in star clusters 443 Romani, Roger W.; Weinberg, Martin D.
Speckle Imaging of Globular Cluster Cores 446 Sams, Bruce Jones, III
Disk-shocking and the mass function of globular clusters 449 Stiavelli, Massimo; Piotto, Giampaolo; Capaccioli, Massimo; Ortolani, Sergio
Observational Confirmation of Mass Segregation in the Dynamically Well-Evolved Open Cluster Roslund 3 452 Turner, D. G.
Image restoration of R136 - The dense core of NGC 2070 455 Weir, N.; Djorgovski, S.; Meylan, G.
Central Velocity Dispersion Measurements in M30 and Five other Centraliy Concentrated GGC's 458 Zaggia, Simone R.; Piotto, Giampaolo; Capaccioli, Massimo
Part IV. Clusters as Tracers of the Chemical Evolution of Galaxies 461 N/A
Light elements as tracers of chemical evolution 463 Boesgaard, Ann M.
Abundance of elements of the FE-group in globular cluster stars - Trends with metal abundances 479 Gratton, Raffaele G.
CNO abundances in globular cluster stars 485 Bell, R. A.
Metallicities and dynamics of extragalactic globular clusters 495 Brodie, Jean P.; Huchra, John P.
Mixture models for studying stellar populations 512 Nemec, James; Nemec, Amanda F. L.
The halo and old disk clusters of the Milky Way 532 Zinn, Robert
Globular Cluster Metallicities from CA II Triplet Strengths in Cluster Giants 543 Armandroff, T. E.; Dacosta, G. S.
Lithium in F Dwarfs in IC 4651 544 Balachandran, Suchitra; Anthony-Twarog, Barbara J.; Twarog, Bruce A.
A statistical approach to the estimate of the helium abundance in galactic globular clusters 547 Bono, G.; Fulle, M.; Pulone, L.
CN and CH Variations on the MS Subgiant Branch 550 Briley, Michael M.; Bell, Roger; Smith, Graeme H.; Hesser, James E.; Oke, J. B.
C, N,and O Abundances in Red Giants in Globular Clusters 554 Brown, Jeffery A.; Oke, J. B.
CA II K-line metallicity indicator for field RR Lyrae stars 556 Clementini, Gisella; Tosi, Monica; Merighi, Roberto
Multicolor CCD Photometry of Globular Clusters in Three Virgo Elliptical Galaxies 559 Couture, Jean; Harris, William E.
Survey for LMC Star Clusters with 3 < Age < 12 Gyrs 562 Dacosta, Gary S.
The Abundance of Arcturus as a Stepping Stone to Globular Cluster Giants 563 Dalle Ore, Cristina M.; Peterson, Ruth C.
Long-Slit Spectroscopy of CN Absorption in the M31 Globular Clusters Vet 12 and Vet 282 566 Davidge, T. J.
Metallicities and kinematics of old open clusters 569 Friel, E. D.; Janes, K. A.
C and N Abundances from Spectroscopy of 47 TUC Main Sequence Stars 572 Hesser, James F.; Briley, Michael M.; Bell, R. A.
UBVR photometry of young, massive M31 clusters 575 King, Jeremy R.; Lupton, Robert H.
Evidence Regarding a Metallicity Spread in M22 578 Laird, John B.; Wilhelm, Ronald J.; Peterson, Ruth C.
Luminosity Function and Velocity Distribution of Late F- and Early G- Stars at the South Galactic Pole. IV. 581 Lu, Phillip K.
Inhomogeneous halo collapse and globular cluster metallicities 584 Malinie, G.; Hartmann, D. H.; Mathews, G. J.
Cepheids in LMC Clusters 588 Olszewski, Edward; Mateo, Mario; Madore, Barry F.
Detection of the secondary spectrum in theta-2 Tauri 592 Peterson, Deane M.
Similarities of thick disk clusters in the Milky Way and intermediate-age SMC clusters 598 Richtler, T.; Seggewiss, W.; Vallenari, A.; de Boer, K. S.
Synthetic integrated globular cluster spectra 601 Tripicco, Michael J.; Bell, R. A.