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Paper: Astronomical Software Development at the IUE Regional Data Analysis Facilities
Volume: 25, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems I
Page: 137
Authors: Bonnell, J.; Thompson, R.; Lawton, P.; Oliversen, N.; Taylor, L.; Gagliardi, J.; Bradley, R.; Brugel, E.; Allison, G.
Abstract: In 1981 the International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE) project established two Regional Data Analysis Facilities (RDAFs) to aid in the analysis of observations made with the IUE satellite, one located at NASA/GSFC, and one at the University of Colorado. The RDAFs presently offer data analysis software packages for UNIX and VAX/VMS computers based on the Interactive Data Language (IDL). These packages were designed to support the post pipeline processing analysis of IUE data. The RDAFs also provide access to computer facilities for researchers, archival IUE data access, and access to the Astrophysics Data System (ADS). A brief description of these RDAF services and software is given.
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