Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems I
Volume: 25 Year: 1992 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Worrall, Diana M.; Biemesderfer, Chris; Barnes, Jeannette
ISBN: 0-937707-44-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-361-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Wavelet-Based Compression Software for FITS Images 3 Press, William H.
Definition of a Distribution Format for X-ray Data 17 Conroy, M. A.; Garcia, M. R.; Mandel, E. G.; Roll, J.; Worrall, D. M.
FITSIO and FITS File Utility Software 22 Pence, W. D.
FITS Kernel Interface in IRAF 24 Zarate, Nelson R.
IRAF Data Format Conversion Issues 27 Zarate, Nelson R.
Three-Dimensional Tables in STSDAS 29 Hodge, Philip E.; Zarate, Nelson
Overview of the Astrophysics Data System (ADS) 35 Good, J. C.
The Einstein On-Line System 44 Karakashian, T.; Harris, D. E.; Garcia, M.; Fabbiano, G.; Flanagan, J. M.; Stern, C. P.
The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database 47 Madore, Barry F.; Helou, George; Corwin, Harold G., Jr.; Schmitz, Marion; Wu, Xiuqin; Bennett, Judy
A Short Review of Sources of Public Domain Software 49 Murtagh, Fionn; Feigelson, Eric D.
A Multimission Database and Analysis Environment 52 White, N. E.
The ESIS Correlation Environment Prototype 59 Giommi, P.; Ansari, S. G.; Ciarlo, A.; Donzelli, P.; Stokke, H.; Torrente, P.; Walker, S.; Zampognaro, V.
Distributed X-Ray Data and Distributed Analysis Tools 62 Plummer, D.; Schachter, J.; Elvis, M.; Garcia, M.; Conroy, M.
COBE Astronomical Databases 64 Freedman, I.; Raugh, A. C.; Cheng, E. S.
The Backgrounds Data Center (BDC) Visual Interface for Space and Terrestrial Analysis (VISTA) 69 Dombrowski, E. G.; Demajistre, R.; Williams, J.; Haynes, J.; Anderson, D. E.; Snyder, W. A.
The CFHT Archive System 72 Durand, Daniel; Crabtree, Dennis R.; Christian, Carol; Glaspey, John
VarBi DBMS: The Variable Stars Bibliographical Data Base Management System 77 Malkov, O. Yu.
Guidares: Guide Star Catalog Data Retrieval Software 79 Malkov, O. Yu.; Kulkova, L. I.; Smirnov, O. M.
The ASSIST User Interface Prototype 85 Mandel, Eric; Roll, John; Murray, Stephen S.
Software Design and Development In a Scientific Environment: Lessons Learned During the Development of STAR, an Astrophysical Analysis and Visualization Package 95 Domik, Gitta O.; Mickus-Miceli, Kristina D.
XIMAGE a Multi-Mission X-ray Image Analysis Package 100 Giommi, P.; Angelini, L.; Jacobs, P.; Tagliaferri, G.
Xronos: a Timing Analysis Software Package 103 Stella, Luigi; Angelini, Lorella
Astro D Software Development 106 Corbet, R. H. D.; Larkin, C.; Nousek, J. A.
The EUVE Guest Observer Analysis Software 110 Olson, E. C.; Christian, C. A.
The ESO--MIDAS System 115 Warmels, Rein H.
MIDAS as a Development Environment 120 Banse, K.; Grosbol, P.; Baade, D.
The ADAM software environment 126 Allan, P. M.
The Groningen Image Processing SYstem, GIPSY 131 van der Hulst, J. M.; Terlouw, J. P.; Begeman, K. G.; Zwitser, W.; Roelfsema, P. R.
Astronomical Software Development at the IUE Regional Data Analysis Facilities 137 Bonnell, J.; Thompson, R.; Lawton, P.; Oliversen, N.; Taylor, L.; Gagliardi, J.; Bradley, R.; Brugel, E.; Allison, G.
Image Recovery and Pattern Recognition Applications in a Visual Language Environment 140 Schneeberger, Timothy; Pierson, Robert; Dayton, Dave; Gonglewski, John D.
Proto-typing Astronomical Software in Khoros 145 Rots, A. H.; Herreid, L. A.
The GRO/BATSE Data Analysis System 148 Howard, Sethanne; Fishman, G.; Meegan, C.; Wilson, R.; Paciesas, W.
Bass: Basic Scientific Software for SAX 151 Maccarone, M. C.; Sacco, B.; Chiappetti, L.; dal Fiume, D.; Trifoglio, M.; Piro, L.; Ubertini, P.; Perola, G. C.; Heise, J.; Parmar, A.
Development of a Data Analysis System for the SAX X-Ray Wide Field Cameras 154 Jager, R.; Schuurmans, J. J.; in 't Zand, J. J. M.; Heise, J.
Search for a Common Data Model for Astronomical Data Analysis Systems 157 Farris, A.; Allen, R. J.
Deconvolution for Real and Synthetic Apertures 163 Cornwell, T. J.
An Alternative Interpretation for the Physical Basis of CLEAN 170 Briggs, D. S.; Cornwell, T. J.
Applications of Clean to Deconvolution of Direct Images 173 Keel, William C.
Restoration of Images and Spectra from the Hubble Space Telescope 176 White, Richard L.
A Multi-Channel Method of Maximum Entropy Image Restoration 186 Weir, Nicholas
Pitfalls in Image Reconstruction 191 Bontekoe, Tj. Romke; Koper, Enrico
Description of a Poisson Imagery Super Resolution Algorithm 196 Hunt, B. R.; Sementilli, P.
Super-Resolution of Imagery Using the Maximum Entropy Method 200 Dorband, J. E.; Hollis, J. M.
Application of Superresolution in Diffraction-Limited Systems 205 Bippert-Plymate, Teresa A.; Paul, Andrew E.; Rieke, George H.
Maximum Likelihood Estimator and Bayesian Reconstruction Algorithms with Likelihood Cross-Validation 210 Nunez, Jorge; Llacer, Jorge
Parallelism for HST Image Restoration -- Some Experiences and Options 215 Adorf, H.-M.; Oldfield, M. J.
Wiener restoration of HST images: signal models and photometric behavior 220 Busko, I.
Telescope Image Modelling at STScI 223 Krist, John E.; Hasan, Hashima; Burrows, Christopher J.
Deconvolution of Hubble Space Telescope Images using Simulated Point Spread Functions 226 Krist, John E.
A Direct Method for Spectral and Image Restoration 229 Li, Tipei; Wu, Mei
Real-Time Maximum Entropy Deconvolution Implemented on 386/486-BASED PCs 232 Sehgal, Ajai; Morris, L. Robert
Improving the Statistical Methodology of Astronomical Data Analysis 237 Feigelson, Eric D.; Babu, Gutti Jogesh
ASURV: Astronomy Survival Analysis Package 245 Lavalley, M.; Isobe, T.; Feigelson, Eric
A K-Nearest Neighbors Method to Find Embedded Clusters in the Cepheus-Cassiopea Region 248 Pasztor, L.; Toth, L. V.; Balazs, L. G.
Multivariate Statistics on HI and IRAS Images 251 Toth, L. Viktor; Balazs, Lajos G.; Abraham, Peter
Faint object classification using neural networks 254 Serra-Ricart, M.; Gaitan, V.; Delgado, S.; Perez-Fournon, I.
Probability Plots: A Tool for Astronomical Data Analysis 257 Lutz, Thomas E.; Hanson, Robert B.
Some Noise Characteristics of DIRBE Photometry 260 Mitchell, Kenneth J.; Stemwedel, Sally W.; Freudenreich, H. T.; Hauser, M. G.; Kelsall, Thomas; Mitra, Mila P.; Odegard, Nils; Spiesman, William J.; Weiland, Janet L.
Cosmic Ray Discrimination on HST WF/PC Images: Object Recognition-By-Example 265 Murtagh, F. D.
The Detection of Glitches and Point Sources in COBE/DIRBE Data 274 Freudenreich, H. T.; Tewari, K. P.; Kelsall, T.; Odegard, N. P.
Co-adding Images with different PSF's 277 Lucy, L. B.; Hook, R. N.
An Orthogonal Transform for Geometrically Correcting Astronomical Images, including a Non- Interpolative Tool for Producing a Rotated Image 280 Taylor, Muriel A.; Fixsen, Dale J.; van Steenberg, Michael E.
Morphological Filtering of Infrared Cirrus Emission from Extragalactic Fields 283 Basart, John P.; Siqueira, Paul R.; Appleton, Philip N.
Analysis of Axially Symmetric Emissivity Distributions: Case 1- Spherical Symmetry 288 Leahy, D. A.
Using a Matched Filter to Improve SNR of Radio Maps 291 Wu, Nailong
More Experiments with DAOPHOT II and WF/PC Images 297 Stetson, Peter B.
Automated Aperture Photometry of CCD Images 307 Newberry, Michael V.
Noise Model-Based Cosmic Ray Rejection for WF/PC Images 311 Shaw, R. A.; Horne, K.
Software Simulation of Point-Sources Imaged on CCDs 316 Merline, W. J.; Howell, S. B.
Patching the Odd Galaxy, NGC 4622 319 Crocker, D. A.
SPIRAL Status : Present and Future 322 Ichikawa, S.; Hamabe, M.
Development of the Surface Photometry Package SPIRAL under the IRAF Environment 325 Hamabe, Masaru; Ichikawa, Shin-Ichi
A Cookbook for Reducing KPNO Infrared Array Data 328 Ringwald, F. A.
Combining Graphics and Image Display in IRAF 331 Eisenhamer, J. D.
Features of the PROS/IRAF IMCONTOUR Task 334 Deponte, Janet; Worrall, Diana M.
Interactive Graphics Interpreter: igi 337 Levay, Z. G.
MIRA: Sophisticated Image Processing for the Microcomputer 340 Newberry, Michael V.
PC-IPS: Interactive System For Astronomical Image Processing 344 Smirnov, O. M.; Piskunov, N. E.; Afanasyev, V. P.; Morozov, A. I.
The ROSAT Extreme Ultra-violet Sky Survey 351 Page, C. G.; Denby, M.
Einstein Slew Survey: Data Analysis Innovations 356 Elvis, M.; Plummer, D.; Schachter, J.; Fabbiano, G.
The Infrared sky on-line 359 Roelfsema, Peter R.; Kester, Do J. M.
Image Analysis at IPAC 364 Gautier, T. N.
COBE -- The Software 368 Cheng, E.
The Quadrilateralized Spherical Cube and Quad-Tree For All Sky Data 379 White, Richard A.; Stemwedel, Sally W.
COBE Differential Microwave Radiometer L (DMR) Data Processing Techniques 382 Jackson, P. D.; Smoot, G. F.; Bennett, C. L.; Aymon, J.; Backus, C.; de Amici, G.; Hinshaw, G.; Keegstra, P. B.; Kogut, A.; Lineweaver, C.; Rokke, L. A.; Tenorio, L.
Display and Manipulation of Cobe/dirbe All-Sky Data 385 Toller, G. N.; Hauser, M. G.; Kelsall, T.; Silverberg, R. F.; Freudenreich, H. T.; Mitra, P. M.; Panitz, A. R.; Patt, F. S.; Skard, J. A. J.; Spiesman, W. J.; Stemwedel, S. W.; Weiland, J. L.; Hollenhorst, R. J.
COBE/DIRBE Sky Map Trending 388 Freedman, I.; Skard, J. A. J.; Kelsall, T.
The Development of an Imaging Fabry-Perot Reduction System within IRAF 393 Bland-Hawthorn, Jonathan; Shopbell, Patrick; Cecil, Gerald
A Quantitative Study of Optimal Extraction 398 Valdes, F.
Pattern Matching in COBE Spectral Analysis 403 Isaacman, Richard; Read, Shirley M.; Barnes, William
Data Analysis Issues for the High Energy Transmission Grating (HETG) on AXAF 408 Dewey, D.; Isobe, T.
A Model Independent Method for X-ray Spectra Deconvolution 411 Polcaro, V. F.
The IRAF Spectroscopy Reduction Packages and Tasks 417 Valdes, F.
Automated Analysis of Spectra 427 Wilkins, T. N.; Axon, D. J.
XCSAO: A Radial Velocity Package for the IRAF Environment 432 Kurtz, Michael J.; Mink, Douglas J.; Wyatt, William F.; Fabricant, Daniel G.; Torres, Guillermo; Kriss, Gerard A.; Tonry, John L.
A Production System for Radial Velocity Measurements 439 Mink, Douglas J.; Wyatt, William F.
The Theory and Application of Fabry-Perot Phase Correction within IRAF 442 Shopbell, Patrick; Bland-Hawthorn, Jonathan; Cecil, Gerald
`TAUCAL' --- A software package for calibration of Fabry-Perot spectroscopic data 445 Lewis, James R.; Unger, S. W.
Statistical Analysis Tools for the Study of Turbulence in HII Regions 448 Boily, E.
Snoopy: A Data Reduction and Analysis System for a Mid-Infrared Echelle Spectrometer 451 Achtermann, Jeffrey M.
Applications of Synthetic Photometry 454 Bazell, D.
The Archival Reprocessing of IUE Data. I. Image Registration and Photometric Correction 457 de La Pena, M. D.; Shaw, R. A.; Bushouse, H. A.; Nichols-Bohlin, J. S.
The Archival Reprocessing of IUE Data. II. Geometric Corrections and Spectral Extraction 460 Bushouse, H.; de La Pena, M.; Nichols-Bohlin, J.; Shaw, R.
Analysis of COBE FIRAS Sky Spectra Via IDL 463 Eplee, R. E., Jr.; Isaacman, R. B.; Read, S. M.; Jensen, K. A.; Rosen, L. P.; Cheng, E. S.; Shafer, R. A.
Data reduction facilities for the William Herschel Telescope 469 Unger, S. W.
The Look and Feel of the CFHT PEGASUS Software System 474 Kerr, J.; Grundseth, B.; Smith, S.; Wright, J.
Automatic On-line Data Analysis for an Infrared Long Slit Array Spectrometer 479 Stewart, J. M.; Beard, S. M.; Mountain, C. M.; Pickup, D. A.; Bridger, A.
IRAF Data Acquisition Software 482 Schaller, Skip
CCDPHOT: an IRAF Based Real Time CCD Photometer 484 Tody, Doug; Davis, Lindsey E.
The OSU Phase II Instrument Control System 488 Henden, Arne A.; Truax, Ryland J.
Software for Hybrid TV System for Astronomical Investigations on Small Telescopes. 492 Kokourine, Leonid Y.; Gangnus, Peter A.
Overview of the Data Analysis System for the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Project 496 Vedder, P. W.; Dobson, C. A.; Marshall, H. L.; Marchant, W.; Saba, V.; Hopkins, A.; Olson, E.; Flanagan, J.; Hawkins, I.; Girouard, F.; Machi, F.; Lewis, J.
EUVE Real-Time Telemetry Processing and Data Analysis Software 499 Flanagan, J.
The ALEXIS data processing package: an IDL-based system 502 Bloch, J. J.; Smith, B. W.; Edwards, B. C.
The Scientific Data Processing System at the Operational Control Center of the SAX Satellite 505 D'Alessandro, F.; Coletta, A.; Natalucci, L.; Negri, M. B.
Designing and Prototyping the Raw Data Archive for the SAX Mission 509 D'Alessandro, F.; Lupi, M. C.; Negri, M. B.
Conversion of the Einstein Observatory Level 1 Processing Systems 513 Orszak, J. S.; Kim, D. W.; Kronenfeld, N.; Manning, K. R.
Solar Disk Image Processing for Spatial and Temporal Frequencies for the GONG Project 516 Williams, W. E.
An Algorithm for Extra-Solar System Planet Detection 521 Engel, John R.; Tucker, Roy A.; Craine, Eric R.
The COBE FIRAS Project Pipeline Software System 524 Read, S. M.; Alexander, S.; Bouler, D. B.; Gonzales, N. G.; Jensen, K. A.; Rosen, L. P.; Shuman, F. G.; Wang, H. Y.; Eplee, R. E.; Isaacman, R. B.; Trenholme, A. R.
The DIRBE Project Pipeline Software System 527 Skard, J. A. J.; Freudenreich, H. T.; Hollenhorst, R. J.; Kelsall, T.; Panitz, A. R.; Tewari, K. P.; Toller, G. N.
Daily Quality Assurance Software for a Satellite Radiometer System 530 Keegstra, P. B.; Smoot, G. F.; Bennett, C. L.; Aymon, J.; Backus, C.; de Amici, G.; Hinshaw, G.; Jackson, P. D.; Kogut, A.; Lineweaver, C.; Rokke, L. A.; Santana, J.; Tenorio, L.
Software Configuration Management and Quality Assurance in the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) Project 533 Raugh, A. C.; Babst, K. L.; Burke, C. A.; Herreid, L. A.; Kaltenbaugh, S. R.; McCaslin, P. W.; Woodson, N. L.; Yom, S. H.