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Paper: Conversion of the Einstein Observatory Level 1 Processing Systems
Volume: 25, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems I
Page: 513
Authors: Orszak, J. S.; Kim, D. W.; Kronenfeld, N.; Manning, K. R.
Abstract: The Einstein Observatory Level 1 Processing Systems for the Imaging Proportional Counter (IPC Rev. 1B) and High Resolution Imager (HRI Rev. 1) are being converted from Fortran V and Fortran 77 programs running on an antiquated Data General M600 minicomputer to Fortran 77 programs running on SAO's network of Sun workstations. When completed, the processing systems will be archived at SAO along with the raw data, and as such, will represent one of the few examples of a concurrent archive of functioning Level 1 software and raw data available to the general astronomical community. We will discuss the conversion effort with particular emphasis on the methods used to convert large amounts of source code, and the approach taken in testing the validity of the converted code. Difficulties encountered in the conversion effort and their resolution will also be addressed. We will discuss the relevance of this project to the general problem of porting large software projects to multiple environments and suggest guidelines for the development of such systems which will minimize the difficulties inherent in such ports.
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