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Paper: Automatic Direct Imaging and Photometric Telescopes in Australia
Volume: 28, Automated Telescopes for Photometry and Imaging
Page: 135
Authors: Carter, B. D.; Bernbrick, C.; Moore, K. G.; Zealey, W.; Blair, D. G.; Burman, T.; Williams, A.; Tsang, C. P.; Evans, M.; Lynch, M. J.; Zadnik, M.; Forster, D.; Dai, X.; Koch, R.; Candy, M.; Birch, P.; Martin, R.; Verveer, A.; Coates, D. W.; Thompson, K.; Stewart, R. T.; Jones, K. L.; O'Mara, B. J.; Page, A. A.; Ross, J. E.; Avery, H. P.; Mottram, K.
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