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Paper: European Networked Information Resources for Space and Earth Science
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 26
Authors: Ansari, S. G.; Albrecht, R.; Triebnig, G.
Abstract: Impressive developments can be observed of the so-called Networked Information Resource Discovery and Retrieval systems like Archie, Veronica, Gopher, World Wide Web, WAIS, Hyper-G etc. These systems have in common the utilization of the Internet and its client-server architectures. Most of the software of these systems has been put into the public domain and there is a permanent improvement of server technology, graphical clients and gateways to interconnect the systems. Standardization of client server protocols and of exchange data formats is evolving. This paper addresses the emerging Internet information service technologies by asking how they can be of use to the space and earth science communities. A number of European services - all still in demonstration status - are described. The paper considers both the information provider's and the user's point of view. We summarize the available and planned services, their inter-connectivity and the network protocols they use, giving examples in Astronomy, Earth Observation and Space Sciences. In particular, we try to extrapolate into the future on possibilities of providing comprehensive services using common network resources.
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