Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Volume: 61 Year: 1994 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Crabtree, D. R.; Hanisch, R. J.; Barnes, J.
ISBN: 0-937707-80-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-397-3

Paper Title Page Authors
Distributed Astronomical Data Archives 3 Fullton, Jim
Gopher and World Wide Web - Successors to FTP 10 Jackson, Robert E.
In the Jungle of Astronomical On--line Data Services 14 Egret, D.
The Astrophysics Data System: Distributed Data and Services for the Astronomical Community 18 Eichhorn, G.
The European Space Information System (ESIS) 22 Giommi, P.; Ansari, S.
European Networked Information Resources for Space and Earth Science 26 Ansari, S. G.; Albrecht, R.; Triebnig, G.
On-line Access to IPAC Datasets and Services 30 Ebert, R.
SkyView 34 McGlynn, T.; Scollick, K.
An IRAF Solar Data Pipeline into the WorldWideWeb 38 Lytle, D.
An Astronomical Software Directory Service 41 Hanisch, R. J.; Payne, H.; Hayes, J. J. E.
The Earth Data System and The National Information Infrastructure Testbed 45 Christian, C. A.; Murray, S. S.
The Challenge of Astronomical Visualisation 51 Norris, Ray P.
Towards the Astrophysical Cyberspace 55 Richmond, Alan
StarTrax --- The Next Generation User Interface 59 Richmond, Alan; White, Nick
IDL Widget Libraries at the Space Astrophysics Laboratory 63 Turgeon, B.
A Prototype User Interface for ASpect 67 Hulbert, S. J.; Levay, Z. G.; Eisenhamer, J. D.; Shaw, R. A.
An Xwindows/Motif Graphical User Interface for Xspec 71 Jordan, J. M.; Jennings, D. G.; McGlynn, T. A.; Bonnell, J. T.; Gliba, G. W.; Ruggiero, N. G.; Serlemitsos, T. A.
A GUI for Aperture Photometry in IRAF 75 Davis, L. E.
A GUI for the IRAF Radial Velocity Task FXCOR 79 Fitzpatrick, M.
Graphical Interfaces for Spectral Analysis in the EUV IRAF Package 83 Abbott, M.; Keith, A.; Kilsdonk, T.
WiSPR - A Graphical User Interface for Accessing a Sybase Database 86 Williamson, Ramon L., II
Separating Form from Function; the StarView Experience 88 Pollizzi, J.
The StarView Flexible Query Mechanism 92 Silberberg, D. P.; Semmel, R. D.
Querying Multiple Databases with StarView 96 Williams, J.
The Data Reduction Expert Assistant 100 Miller, G.; Yen, F.; Johnston, M.
The virtues of functional CLUIs 104 Adorf, Hans-Martin
Astronomy and Databases: A Symbiotic Relationship 111 Schmitz, M.; Helou, G.; Madore, B. F.; Corwin, H. G.; Bennett, J.; Lague, C.; Wu, X.
Generation and Display of Online Preview Data for Astronomy Data Archives 115 Hill, N.; Crabtree, D.; Gaudet, S.; Durand, D.; Pirenne, B.; Irwin, A.
NOAO/IRAF's ``Save The Bits'' - A Pragmatic Data Archive 119 Seaman, Rob
The Canadian Astronomy Data Centre 123 Crabtree, D.; Durand, D.; Fisher, W.; Gaudet, S.; Hill, N.; Justice, G.; Morris, S.; Woodsworth, A.
The IUE Final Archive -- Scientific Evaluation and Results with NEWSIPS Data 127 de La Pena, M. D.; Nichols-Bohlin, J.; Levay, K. L.; Michalitsianos, A.
DENIS: First light, first source extractions 131 Deul, Erik R.; Holl, A.; Epchtein, N.
A Review of the Star*s Family Products 135 Heck, A.
Homogeneous Access to Data: The ESIS Reference Directory 139 Ansari, S. G.; Giommi, P.; Micol, A.; Natile, P.
The EUVE Public Archive: Data and User Services 143 Stroozas, B. A.; Polomski, E.; Drake, J.; Chen, K.; Christian, C.; Olson, E. C.
Data analysis and expected results of the TYCHO mission 147 Wicenec, A. J.; Bässgen, G.; Grossmann, V.; Snijders, M. A. J.; Wagner, K.; Bastian, U.; Schwekendiek, P.; Egret, D.; Halbwachs, J.; Hoeg, E.; Makarov, V. V.
The Hubble Space Telescope Data Archive 151 Long, Knox S.; Baum, Stefi A.; Borne, Kirk; Swade, Daryl
The NRAO VLA Sky Survey 155 Condon, J. J.; Cotton, W. D.; Greisen, E. W.; Yin, Q. F.; Perley, R. A.; Broderick, J. J.
The VLA's FIRST Survey 165 Becker, Robert H.; White, Richard L.; Helfand, David J.
The Westerbork Northern Sky Survey (WENSS:) A Radio Survey Using the Mosaicing Technique 175 Bremer, M. A. R.
Facilities for Retrieval of Radio-Source Data 179 Andernach, H.; Harris, D. E.; Grant, C. Stern; Wright, A. E.
Guide Star Catalog Data Retrieval Software III 183 Malkov, O. Yu.; Smirnov, O. M.
Testing the Galaxy Model with the Guide Star Catalog 187 Malkov, O. Yu.; Smirnov, O. M.
Picturing the Guide Star Catalog 191 Mink, D. J.
Cataloging of the Northern Sky from the POSS-II using a Next-Generation Software Technology 195 Djorgovski, S. G.; Weir, N.; Fayyad, U.
Sloan Digital Sky Survey 205 Kent, Stephen M.
Aladin: Towards an Interactive Atlas of the Digitized Sky 215 Bonnarel, F.; Paillou, Ph.; Ochsenbein, F.; Creze, M.; Egret, D.
The Automated Plate Scanner On-Line Database of POSS I 219 Aldering, G.; Humphreys, R. M.; Odewahn, S.; Thurmes, P.
Calibrating the USNO PMM 223 Henden, Arne A.; Pier, Jeffrey R.; Monet, David G.
The UIT UV-Bright Objects Catalog 227 Smith, E. P.; Pica, A. J.; Bohlin, R. C.; O'Connell, R. W.; Roberts, M. S.; Smith, A. M.; Stecher, T. P.
The Design of an Intelligent FITS File Database for XTE 231 Rots, A. H.
CADC Optical Disk Tools 235 Gaudet, S.; Hill, N.
Dbsync: A Computer Program for maintaining duplicate database tables 239 Hill, N.; Gaudet, S.
PC-based Astronomical Image Processing with pcIPS 245 Smirnov, O. M.; Piskunov, N. E.
Radially-symmetric Fourier Transforms 249 Birkinshaw, Mark
Cosmic Ray Hit Detection with Homogenous Structures 257 Smirnov, O. M.
Searching Procedures for Groups, Clusters and Superclusters of Galaxies 261 Kalinkov, M.; Kuneva, I.
Multiple Regression Redshift Calibration for Clusters of Galaxies 263 Kalinkov, M.; Kuneva, I.; Valtchanov, I.
An Alternative Algorithm for Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Sky Harmonic Analysis 269 Wuensche, C. A.; Lubin, P. M.; Villela, T.
A New Mosaic Task for WF/PC Images 273 Hsu, J. C.
Deriving the Flat Field Response for the Faint Object Camera from a Nonuniform Source 276 Greenfield, P.
PSFMEASURE/STARFOCUS: New IRAF PSF Measuring Tasks 280 Valdes, F.
PSFMEASURE/STARFOCUS: PSF Measuring Algorithms 284 Valdes, F.
Iterative/Recursive image deconvolution. Method and application to HST images 288 Fullton, L. K.; Carney, B. W.; Coggins, J. M.; Janes, K. A.; Heasley, J. N.; Seitzer, P.
Image Restoration Using the Damped Richardson-Lucy Iteration 292 White, R. L.
Implementation of the Richardson-Lucy Algorithm in STSDAS 296 Stobie, E. B.; Hanisch, R. J.; White, R. L.
A Quantitative Study of Resolution Enhancement in HST Image Restoration 300 Wu, Nailong
Evaluation of Image Restoration algorithms applied to HST images 304 Busko, I.
Morphological Filtering of Infrared Cirrus Emission on Parallel and Distributed Computers 308 Pedelty, J. A.; Appleton, P. N.; Charmandaris, V.; Basart, J. P.
Automated Image Quality Assessment for the GONG Project 312 Williams, W. E.; Goodrich, J.; Toussaint, R.
Applications of the Hough Transform in Spectroscopy 319 Ballester, P.
Determining Wavelength Scales for the EUVE Spectrometers 323 Boyd, W.; Jelinsky, P.; Olson, E.; Abbott, M.; Christian, C.
The FIVEL Nebular Modelling Package in STSDAS 327 Shaw, R. A.; Dufour, R. J.
Band Selection Procedure for Reduction of High Resolution Spectra 331 Pasztor, L.; Csillag, F.
Detection of Spectra in Objective Prism Images Using Neural Networks 335 Smareglia, R.; Pasian, F.
The IRAF/STSDAS Synthetic Photometry Package 339 Bushouse, H.; Simon, B.
IRAF/STSDAS Faint Object Spectrograph Spectropolarimetry Data Reduction and Analysis 343 Bushouse, H.
Deconvolving Spatially Undersampled Infra Red Spectroscopic Images 347 Bridger, A.; Wright, G. S.; Dent, W. R. F.; Daly, P. N.
Simulations of aperiodic and periodic variability on X ray sources 353 Burderi, Luciano
Some IDL routines for Time-Series Analysis 357 Rusk, Raymond
QPTOOLS: Tools for Creating and Manipulating IRAF/QPOE data 363 Conroy, M. A.
Temporal Data Screening in PROS 367 Deponte, J.; Conroy, M.
An IRAF-Based Pipeline for Reduction and Analysis of Archived ROSAT Data 371 Rhode, K.; Fabbiano, G.; Mackie, G.
Spatial Modelling Techniques Applied to ROSAT HRI Observations of Cygnus a 375 Harris, D. E.; Perley, R.; Carilli, C.
Einstein Hardness Ratios from a User-Developed IRAF Script 379 Rhode, K. L.; Harnden, F. R., Jr.
ASCA Initial Data Processing and the ODB 383 Itoh, M.; Mitsuda, K.; Antunes, A. J.; Honda, H.; Fujimoto, R.; Matsuba, E.; Butcher, J.; Osborne, J.; Ashley, J.; Takeshima, T.
PROS Support for PSPCs on the SRG mission 387 Hornstrup, A.; Westergaard, N. J.; Conroy, M. A.; Orszak, J. S.
The Calibration Data Archive and Analysis system for PDS, the high energy instrument on board the SAX satellite. 395 dal Fiume, Daniele; Frontera, Filippo; Orlandini, Mauro; Trifoglio, Massimo
The COMPTEL Processing and Analysis Software system (COMPASS) 399 de Vries, C. P.; The COMPTEL Collaboration
Tools for use with Low Signal/Noise Data 403 Marshall, Herman L.
Radio Synthesis Imaging - A High Performance Computing and Communications Project 409 Crutcher, Richard M.
The AIPS++ Array and Image Classes 413 Glendenning, B. E.
AIPS++ Table Data System 417 van Diepen, Ger; Farris, Allen
Far Infrared -- X-ray Observations of Quasars 423 Wilkes, Belinda
Scientific Objectives, Analysis Needs, and Current Procedures for a Multiwavelength Study of Radio Galaxies 433 Birkinshaw, M.; Worrall, D. M.
Fitting Models to UV and Optical Spectral Data 437 Kriss, G.
The ESIS Spectral Package 447 Ansari, S. G.; Giommi, P.; Ulla, A.
The Prediction of Stellar Ultraviolet Colours 451 Shemi, A.; Mersov, G.; Brosch, N.; Almoznino, E.
Automated Observing at the UKIRT 457 Daly, P. N.; Bridger, A.; Krisciunas, K. L.
Keck Autoguider and Camera Server Architecture 461 Lupton, W. F.
The Real-Time Computing Environment for the Gemini 8-m Telescopes 465 McGehee, P. M.
The Software for the LRIS on the Keck 10-Meter Telescope 469 Cohen, J. G.; Cromer, J.; Southard, S., Jr.
Distributing Functionality in the Drift Scan Camera System 473 Nicinski, T.; Constanta-Fanourakis, P.; MacKinnon, B.; Petravick, D.; Pluquet, C.; Rechenmacher, R.; Sergey, G.
A software state machine for computing astronomical coordinates 477 Percival, J. W.
The SLALIB Library 481 Wallace, P. T.
Interactive Dynamic Mission Scheduling for ASCA 485 Antunes, A.; Nagase, F.; Isobe, T.
The Client/Server Software Model and its Application to Remote Data Access 491 Bevan, Gareth J.
The SAO-IIS Communication Package 495 Wright, J.; Conrad, A. R.
Codes for the Modelling of Stellar Structures: Parallel Implementations on a Workstation LAN 499 Pucillo, M.; Bono, G.; Mazzali, P. A.; Pasian, F.; Smareglia, R.
IRAF port to the new OSF/1 Operating System 503 Zarate, N. R.
Public Access Programming: Opening The Black Box That Hides Internal Data 507 Mandel, E.; Swick, R.
Off-the-shelf Control of Data Analysis Software 511 Wampler, S.
Retrospective of the Software Metrics and Staffing Profile for COBE Ground Systems Software 515 Babst, K. L.; Hollenhorst, R.; Stephens, J.
COMPRESSION Software for Astronomical Images 519 Veran, J. P.; Wright, J.
FITS Image Compression Using Variable Length Binary Tables 523 Pence, W. D.
Investigating HDF as an Astronomical Data Transport and Archival Format 526 Jennings, D. G.; McGlynn, T. A.; Folk, M.