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Paper: The ESIS Spectral Package
Volume: 61, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
Page: 447
Authors: Ansari, S. G.; Giommi, P.; Ulla, A.
Abstract: The ESIS Spectral package provides access to a number of multiwavelength data through a graphic user interface, which contains a variety of tools for pre-analysis of spectra. Currently, ESIS provides access to EXOSAT ME and GSPC, Einstein SSS, IUE Low Dispersion, and IRAS Low Resolution spectra, which can be homogeneously accessed for any given object. The package features chemical element identification of spectral lines, automatic redshift correction, de-redenning of UV data, and a radio to X-ray energy distribution of single objects. Other functions will be shortly implemented. The spectral package provides links to native mode analysis packages, such as XSPEC and in the future, other packages, such as MIDAS and IRAF will be made available. A UNIX version of the ESIS spectral package is under current developement. In this paper, we discuss the functionalities of ESIS spectral package tool, the algorithms used for the various functions and give a number of examples to demonstrate its advantages.
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