štefl, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
214 The Multiperiodicity of μ Cen (B2IVe) 224 Baade, D.; Rivinius, Th.; štefl, S.
214 Tracing the Transient Periods in the Be Star 28 ω CMa 240 štefl, S.; Budovičová, A.; Baade, D.; Kaufer, A.; Rivinius, T.; Stahl, O.; Wolf, B.
214 Non-radial Pulsation Modeling of ω (28) CMa 244 Mainz, M.; Rivinius, Th.; Tubbesing, S.; Wolf, B.; štefl, S.; Baade, D.
214 HEROS Be Star Campaigns 356 štefl, S.; Rivinius, T.
214 The Circumstellar Structure of the Be Shell-Star &phis; Per 577 Hummel, W.; štefl, S.; Rivinius, Th.
214 59 Cygni: A Titled &phis; Persei like System 581 Rivinius, Th.; štefl, S.
259 Astero - Oscillometry: Gauging Stars with Oscillations 222 Maintz, M.; Rivinius, Th.; Baade, D.; štefl, S.
259 Unified NRP-Modelling of Be Stars 240 Rivinius, Th.; Baade, D.; štefl, S.; Maintz, M.
259 HR 4074: an Emission-Free NRP Twin of the Be Star 28 CMa 248 štefl, S.; Rivinius, Th.; Baade, D.
305 Nonradial Pulsations and Magnetic Fields in Be Stars 269 Baade, D.; Rivinius, T.; štefl, S.