Aarseth, S. J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
90 N-Body Simulations of Open Clusters with Binary Evolution 423 Aarseth, S. J.
90 Formation and Evolution of Hierarchical Triple Systems in Open Clusters 433 Kiseleva, L. G.; Aarseth, S. J.; Eggleton, P. P.; de La Fuente Marcos, R.
198 A load of blue stragglers: N-body models of M67 195 Hurley, J. R.; Tout, C. A.; Aarseth, S. J.; Pols, O. R.
228 On the Road to Realistic Globular Cluster Models 452 Hurley, J. R.; Aarseth, S. J.; Tout, C. A.; Gilmore, G.; Pols, O. R.
296 Dynamical Models with Stellar Evolution and Binaries 69 Hurley, J. R.; Shara, M. M.; Aarseth, S. J.; Tout, C. A.; Pols, O. R.