Abraham, R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
191 The Las Campanas Infrared Survey 148 Marzke, R.; McCarthy, P. J.; Persson, E.; Oemler, A.; Dressler, A.; Yan, M. Beckett L.; Carlberg, R.; Abraham, R.; Ellis, R.; Firth, A.; Mackay, C.; McMahon, R. G.
230 The Duality of Spiral Structure, and a Quantitative Dust Penetrated Morphological Tuning Fork at Low and High Redshift 137 Block, D. L.; Puerari, I.; Buta, R. J.; Abraham, R.; Takamiya, M.; Stockton, A.
399 Galaxy Mass Growth in GDDS and SDSS 148 Glazebrook, K.; Mentuch, E.; McCarthy, P.; Abraham, R.; Baldry, I.; Driver, S.