Adelman, S. J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
44 Recent Results on Abundance Determinations 27 Adelman, S. J.
44 Exploring Abundance and Isotope Anomalies in Cp-Stars with the HST / GHRS - High Resolution Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Chi-Lupi 42 Leckrone, D. S.; Wahlgren, G. M.; Johansson, S. G.; Adelman, S. J.
44 An Abundance Analysis of the Silicon Cp-Star HD43819 149 Lopez-Garcia, Z.; Adelman, S. J.
44 N and Fe-Peak Elemental Abundances from IUE Co-Added Spectra of Hg-Mn and Normal Stars 154 Roby, S. W.; Adelman, S. J.; Leckrone, D. S.; Cowley, C.; Wahlgren, G. M.
44 Elemental Abundances of Sharp-Lined Metallic-Lined and Comparable Normal Stars 213 Kocer, D.; Adelman, S. J.; Bolcal, C.; Hill, G.
44 Photometry of Chemically Peculiar Stars with Automatic Photoelectric Telescopes 644 Adelman, S. J.; Pyper, D. M.
78 Elemental Abundances of the Magnetic Chemically Peculiar Star HD 204411 443 Caliskan, H.; Adelman, S. J.
78 Astrophysical gf Values from High S/N Data of A Type Stars 455 Adelman, S. J.; Gulliver, A. F.; Hill, G.; Pintado, O. I.
79 The Four College Consortium APT: The First Four Years 20 Dukes, R. J., Jr.; Kubinec, W. R.; Nations, H. L.; Adelman, S. J.; Smith, D. P.; Guinan, E. F.; McCook, G. P.
108 Experiments in Spectrum Synthesis 180 Pintado, O. I.; Adelman, S. J.
108 The Spectrophotometric Fitting Program STELLAR 184 Hill, G.; Gulliver, A. F.; Adelman, S. J.
108 Introduction 228 Adelman, S. J.; Ryabchikova, T. A.; Wahlgren, G. M.
108 Some Personal Reflections on the State of Abundance Analyses 230 Adelman, S. J.
108 A Spectrograph's Instrumental Profile and Scattered Light 232 Gulliver, A. F.; Hill, G.; Adelman, S. J.
108 On Metal Line Equivalent Width Scales 288 Adelman, S. J.
259 FCAPT Observations of Late B and Early A Supergiants and AGB S Stars 572 Adelman, S. J.