Agneray, F.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
411 EXODAT - The Exoplanets Database from the COROT Project: Evolution and Updates 454 Meunier, J.C.; Granet, Y.; Agneray, F.; Deleuil, M.; Surace, C.; Moutou, C.
442 Overview of CeSAM Tools and Services for the CoRoT Mission 339 Chabaud, P.-Y.; Agneray, F.; Meunier, J.-C.; Guterman, P.; Cautain, R.; Surace, C.; Deleui, M.
461 The Information System at CeSAM 703 Agneray, F.; Gimenez, S.; Moreau, C.; Roehlly, Y.
485 AstroNomical Information System at CeSAM 195 Gimenez, S.; Moreau, C.; Agneray, F.; Roehlly, Y.
485 Public Data at CeSAM 199 Moreau, C.; Le Brun, V.; Agneray, F.; Gimenez, S.; Roehlly, Y.
485 ExoDat Information System at CeSAM 203 Agneray, F.; Moreau, C.; Chabaud, P.; Damiani, C.; Deleuil, M.
495 Information System through ANIS at CeSAM 433 Moreau, C.; Agneray, F.; Gimenez, S.
512 ASPIC: Public Spectroscopic Archives at CeSAM 161 Moreau, C.; Adami, C.; Agneray, F.; Le Brun, V.; Le Févre, O.; Tasca, L.
512 SPHERE TDB: Catalogue Management, Observation Planning and Detection Visualization 527 Gross, A.; Meunier, J.C.; Surace, C.; Le Coroller, H.; Agneray, F.
521 ASPIC and GAZPAR: National Resources for Observations in Astronomy-Astrophysics at CeSAM 288 Moreau, C.; Adami, C.; Agneray, F.; Guillas, T.; Ilbert, O.; teams, t. A. &. G.
521 AstroNomical Information System Version 3 723 Agneray, F.; Moreau, C.