Aguayo, G.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
491 The ESO WFI Slitless Spectroscopic Survey of Hα Emission-Line Stars in the MW, LMC, and SMC 351 Martayan, C.; Aguayo, G.; Baade, D.; Fabregat, J.; Garrido, H.; Rivinius, T.; Stefl, S
491 Preliminary Results of the Be Stars Proportion in LMC Open Clusters and Application to the NGC 1850 Star Formation Region 330 Aguayo, G.; Martayan, C.; Baade, D.; Garrido, H.; Rivinius, T.; Stefl, S.; Mennickent, R.; Fabregat, J.
508 Optical Study of the Be Star μ Centauri 353 Aguayo, G.; Mennickent, R.; Rivinius, Th.; Granada, A.