Title: Fifty Years of Wide Field Studies in the Southern Hemisphere: Resolved Stellar Populations in the Galactic Bulge and the Magellanic Clouds
Volume: 491 Year: 2014 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Points, S.; Kunder, A.

La Serena, Chile
6-9 May 2013

This volume contains the proceedings of the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory's (CTIO's) 50th anniversary workshop. The aim of this workshop was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the site selection of Cerro Tololo by exploring two fields in which the 4-m Victor M. Blanco telescope has played an integral part: the resolved stellar populations
of the Galactic bulge and the Magellanic Clouds. Astronomers from many countries converged in La Serena during May 2013 to discuss the significant advances that have been made since our previous workshop, which took place 25 years earlier.

The historical section of this volume discusses how Cerro Tololo was selected as the site for the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) in the Southern hemisphere and the key decisions that its directors made during those early years and through to the present. The majority of this volume details how the 4-m Blanco telescope has played a pioneering role in the field of resolved stellar populations toward the Galactic bulge and Magellanic Clouds. This conference also emphasized the important role that CTIO had in measuring the acceleration of the expansion of the Universe and the discovery of Dark Energy.

Specific examples of scientific topics that were addressed during this workshop include: the formation of the Galactic bulge; the discovery of split horizontal branch stars in Galactic Globular Clusters; variable stars in the Galactic bulge; chemical abundances in the Galactic bulge; and the Magellanic Cloud stellar populations and star formation histories. These proceedings capture the excitement of CTIO's formative years and describes in detail how the wide-field capabilities of the 4-m Blanco telescope changed our view of the Milky Way and Universe.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Book Cover
Front Matter   
Front Matter 1 Points, S.; Kunder, A.
Conference Photo 2 Points, S.; Kunder, A.
Part I. CTIO History   
CTIO under Victor Blanco's Directorship in the Years 1968–1977 3 Hesser, J. E.
Jürgen Stock: From One End of the Andes to the Other 17 Vivas, A. K.; Stock, M. J.
Highlights of Science, Instrumentation, and Operations at CTIO: 1969 - 1986 27 Osmer, P. S.
CCD Imagers at CTIO: From 0.16 to 520 Megapixels 34 Walker, A. R.
The Turn of the Millennium, CTIO and AURA-O, 1993-2007 39 Smith, M. G.
CTIO: The Next 50 Years 48 Smith, R. C.
Part II. Galactic Bulge   
The Galactic Bulge 59 Rich, R. M.
Bulge Proper Motions Based on the OGLE-III Data 72 Poleski, R.; Udalski, A.; Gould, A.; Szyma'nski, M. K.; Soszy'nski, I.; Kubiak, M.; Pietrzy'nski, G.; Ulaczyk, K.; Wyrzykowski, Ƚ.
The Chandra Galactic Bulge Survey 77 Britt, C. T.; Hynes, R. I.; Jonker, P. G.; Maccarone, T.; Torres, M. A. P.; Steeghs, D.; Nelemans, G.; Johnson, C.; Greiss, S.
The VVV-SkZ Pipeline: How to Get Automatic PSF-Fitting Photometry from the VVV Survey 83 Mauro, F.; Bidin, C. M.; Chené, A.; Geisler, D.; Alonso-García, J.; Borissova, J.; Carraro, G.
New Breakthroughs in the Battle of the Bulge Using Globular Clusters 90 Geisler, D.; Mauro, F.; Bidin, C. M.; Cohen, R.; Chené, A.; Villanova, S.; Cummings, J.; Gormaz, A.; Minniti, D.; Alonso-García, J.; Hempel, M.; VVV Team
Near-Infrared Photometric Parameters of Bulge Globular Clusters from the VVV Survey 97 Cohen, R. E.
The RR Lyrae Instability Strip in the Split Horizontal Branch Globular Cluster NGC 6569 104 Kunder, A.; Stetson, P. B.; Catelan, M.; Walker, A.; Cassisi, S.; Johnson, C.; Soto, M.
Searching for Variable Stars in the VVV Globular Clusters 111 Alonso-García, J.; Dékány, I.; Catelan, M.; Contreras, R.; Minniti, D.
Chemical Abundances in the Galactic Bulge 118 Zoccali, M.
Globular Cluster Sizes and Metallicity 128 Sippel, A. C.; Hurley, J. R.; Madrid, J. P.; Harris, W. E.
Metallicities and Alpha-to-Iron Ratios in Globular Cluster Stars on a Homogeneous Scale: Search for Multiple Populations 134 Dias, B.; Saviane, I.; Barbuy, B.; Held, E.; Da Costa, G.; Ortolani, S.; Vasquez, S.
Back to the Future: The Calcium HK Survey of Beers, Preston, and Shectman 140 Beers, T. C.
The Transition between the Inner Disc and the Innermost Galactic Regions 148 Bono, G.; Genovali, K.; Lemasle, B.; Romaniello, M.; Nonino, M.; Bergemann, M.; Buonanno, R.; Fabrizio, M.; François, P.; Inno, L.; Laney, C.; Matsunaga, N.; Pedicelli, S.; Primas, F.; Thévenin, F.
The White Dwarf Cooling Sequence of the Galactic Bulge 160 Calamida, A.; Sahu, K.; Anderson, J.; Casertano, S.; Brown, T.; Cassisi, S.; Sokol, J.; Bond, H.; Ferguson, H.; Livio, M.; Salaris, M.; Valenti, J.
Formation Models of the Galactic Bulge 169 Gerhard, O.
The Age and Helium Abundance of the Galactic Bulge 174 Nataf, D. M.
The Initial Mass Function and Star Formation History of the Galactic Bulge from HST* 182 Gennaro, M.; Brown, T.; Anderson, J.; Avila, R.; VandenBerg, D.; Sahu, K.; Bond, H.; Casertano, S.; Ferguson, H.; Livio, M.; Minniti, D.; Panagia, N.; Renzini, A.; Tumlinson, J.; Valenti, E.; Valenti, J.; Zoccali, M.
Washington Photometry of the Multiple Stellar Populations in the Globular Cluster NGC 1851 189 Cummings, J. D.; Geisler, D.; Villanova, S.
Determination of Fundamental Astrophysical Properties of Poorly Known Galactic Open Clusters from Washington Photometry 193 Marcionni, N.; Parisi, M.; Clariá, J.; Ahumada, A.; Palma, T.; Piatti, A.
The Supermassive Black Hole in the Milky Way 198 Guerrero, N.; Geisler, D.
Part III. Cosmology   
The Acceleration of the Universe in the Light of Supernovae: The Key Role of CTIO 203 Hamuy, M.; Suntzeff, N. B.
100 Million Years after the Big Bang 215 Mould, J.
Part IV. Magellanic Clouds   
The Magellanic Cloud's Star Cluster Populations: The SMC 227 Piatti, A. E.
Studying Star Clusters as Tracers of the LMC's Chemical Enrichment 235 Palma, T.; Clariá, J. J.; Geisler, D.; Ahumada, A. V.
Age and Metallicity Analysis of the Small Magellanic Cloud from Star Clusters 241 Parisi, M. C.; Geisler, D.; Carraro, G.; Villanova, S.; Clariá, J. J.; Costa, E.; Oddone, M.; Marcionni, N.; Grocholski, A.; Sarajedini, A.; Leiton, R.
Light Echoes of Ancient Transients with the Blanco 4m Telescope 247 Rest, A.; Sinnott, B.; Welch, D. L.; Prieto, J. L.; Bianco, F. B.; Matheson, T.; Smith, R. C.; Suntzeff, N. B.
A Stellar Heist in the Magellanic Clouds 257 Olsen, K. A. G.; Blum, R. D.; Smart, B.; Zaritsky, D.; Boyer, M. L.; Gordon, K. D.; Massey, P.
The Recent Star Formation History of the Magellanic Clouds Traced by Classical Cepheids 265 Inno, L.; Bono, G.; Romaniello, M.; Matsunaga, N.; Pietrinferni, A.; Genovali, K.; Lemasle, B.; M.Marconi; Primas, F.
OB stars in the Leading Arm of the Magellanic Stream 272 Moni Bidin, C.; Casetti-Dinescu, D. I.; Méndez, R. A.; Girard, T. M.; Vieira, K.; Korchagin, V. I.; van Altena, W. F.
Variable Stars Toward the Magellanic Clouds and the Galactic Bulge 278 Udalski, A.
Optical to Near-Infrared Light Curves of Classical Cepheids in the SMC Based on the OGLE-III and IRSF/SIRIUS Catalogues 289 Matsunaga, N.; Ita, Y.; Nakada, Y.
Young Stellar Objects in the Large Magellanic Cloud 297 Chu, Y.-H.
Evolved Massive Stars in the Local Group 307 Drout, M. R.; Massey, P.
Old Stellar Populations as Structural Tracer of the Magellanic Cloud Complex 317 Saha, A.; Olszewski, E. W.
Survey of MAgellanic Stellar History - ¡SMASH! 325 Nidever, D.; SMASH Team
Near-Infrared Integrated-Light Photometry of Magellanic Clouds Star Clusters 325 Pessev, P.; Meyer, S.; Goudfrooij, P.; Puzia, T.; Chandar, R.
Preliminary Results of the Be Stars Proportion in LMC Open Clusters and Application to the NGC 1850 Star Formation Region 330 Aguayo, G.; Martayan, C.; Baade, D.; Garrido, H.; Rivinius, T.; Stefl, S.; Mennickent, R.; Fabregat, J.
Self-Consistent Physical Parameters for 5 Intermediate-Age SMC Stellar Clusters from CMD Modeling 338 Dias, B.; Kerber, L.; Barbuy, B.; Santiago, B.; Ortolani, S.; Balbinot, E.
Part V. Galaxies   
The Interstellar Medium in the Small Magellanic Cloud: Results from MCELS 343 Winkler, P. F.; Smith, R. C.; Points, S. D.; MCELS Team
The ESO WFI Slitless Spectroscopic Survey of Hα Emission-Line Stars in the MW, LMC, and SMC 351 Martayan, C.; Aguayo, G.; Baade, D.; Fabregat, J.; Garrido, H.; Rivinius, T.; Stefl, S
Dwarf Cepheids in the Carina Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy 359 Vivas, A. K.; Mateo, M.
The MCELS Data Reduction Pipeline and Its Application to PNe Searches in the LMC 366 Paredes, L.; Points, S. D.; Smith, R. C.; Rest, A.; Damke, G.; Zenteno, A.; MCELS Team
Back Matter   
Back Matter 370