Ahmad, A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
274 Near Infrared Imaging Polarimetry of Proto-Planetary Nebula - OH231.8+4.2 122 Ahmad, A.; Gledhill, T.; McCall, A.; Takami, M.
334 Spectroscopic Analyses of Helium-rich Subdwarf B Stars 291 Ahmad, A.; Jeffery, C.S.
348 Confirming the binary nature of PG 1544+488 with FUSE 203 Ahmad, A.; Jeffery, C.S.; Fullerton, A.W.
391 Helium-Rich Subdwarf B Stars 261 Ahmad, A.; Jeffery, C.S.
392 Multisite Multicolour Photometric Observations of the Nonradially Pulsating SdB Star Balloon 090100001: A White Light Frequency Analysis 293 Pereira, C.; Jeffery, C.S.; Fontaine, G.; Charpinet, S.; Aerts, C.; Ahmad, A.; Connolly, E.; Vuckovic, M.; Dhillon, V.S.; Marsh, T.R.