Alesina, F.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
521 MCMC Algorithms at the Service of Exo-planet Hunters 406 Sosnowska, D.; Segransan, D.; Diaz, R.; Buchschacher, N.; Alesina, F.
521 DACE: New Available Visualisation and Analysis Tools for Exoplanet Research 757 Buchschacher, N.; Alesina, F.
522 DACE: Web Page Transfer Optimizations and Faithful Data Visualizations 109 Alesina, F.; Buchschacher, N.; Ségransan, D.
522 DACE: Backend Infrastructure for Data Transfer, Storage, Exchange and Computations through the Web Platform 303 Buchschacher, N.; Alesina, F.; Ségransan, D.
523 Exoplanets Data Visualization in Multi-dimensional Plots using Virtual Reality in DACE 25 Alesina, F.; Cabot, F.; Buchschacher, N.; Burnier, J.
523 Development, Tests, and Deployment of Web Application in DACE 361 Burnier, J.; Alesina, F.; Buchschacher, N.
523 No-SQL Databases: An Efficient Way to Store and Query Heterogeneous Astronomical Data in DACE 405 Buchschacher, N.; Alesina, F.; Burnier, J.