Allen, C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
32 A Catalogue of Nearby Wide Binary and Multiple Stars (abstract 299 Poveda, A.; Herrera, M. A.; Allen, C.; Cordero, G.; Lavalley, C.
38 Ages and Separations Among Nearby Binaries 260 Poveda, A.; Allen, C.; Herrera, M. A.
141 Status of the RICE Experiment 234 Allen, C.; Bean, A.; Besson, D.; Kotov, S.; Kravchenko, I.; McKay, D.; Ralston, J.; Seunarine, S.; Frichter, G.; Miller, T.; Seckel, D.; Spiczak, C.; Karle, A.
285 Spiral-Density-Wave Induced Star Formation At High Galactic Latitudes (Invited) 297 Kurtz, S.; Martos, M.; Allen, C.; Franco, J.
375 A 2mm Bolometer Camera for the IRAM 30m Telescope 287 Staguhn, J.; Benford, D.; Allen, C.; Moseley, S.H.; Ames, T.; Brunswig, W.; Chuss, D.; Maher, S.; Marx, C.; Miller, T.; Navarro, S.; Sharp, E.; Wollack, E.
417 New Results from GISMO, a 2 mm Camera Using a Backshort-Under-Grid TES Bolometer Array 451 Staguhn, J.; Benford, D.; Allen, C.; Arendt, R.; George, J.; Fixsen, D.; Maher, S.; Sharp, E.; Ames, T.; Chuss, D.; Dwek, E.; Marx, C.; Miller, T.; Moseley, S. H.; Navarro, S.; Schinnerer, E.; Sievers, A.; Walter, F.; Wollack, E.
442 The Gemini Recipe System: A Dynamic Workflow for Automated Data Reduction 455 Labrie, K.; Hirst, P.; Allen, C.
461 Developing for Gemini's Extensible Pipeline Environment 745 Labrie, K.; Allen, C.; Hirst, P.
485 Gemini's Recipe System: A Publicly Available Instrument-agnostic Pipeline Infrastructure 359 Labrie, K.; Hirst, P.; Allen, C.; Hogan, E.
523 Optimization of Aperture Photometry in the Chandra Source Catalog 155 Allen, C.; Miller, J. B.; Primini, F. A.
529 Variable Stars in Palomar 13; an Evaporating Globular Cluster 184 Yepez, M. A.; Ferro, A. A.; Schröder, K. P.; Muneer, S.; Giridhar, S.; Allen, C.