Allen, G. E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
271 Observations of the Non-Thermal X-ray Emission from the Galactic Supernova Remnant G347.3-0.5 411 Pannuti, T. G.; Allen, G. E.
442 ACIS Sub-Pixel Resolution: Improvement in Point Source Detection 139 Anderson, C. S.; Mossman, A. E.; Kim, D.-W.; Allen, G. E.; Glotfelty, K. J.; Fabbiano, G.
442 Maintaining Software for Active Missions: A Case Study of Chandra”s Instrumentation Over Time 379 Gibbs II, D. G.; Chen, J. C.; Glotfelty, K. J.; Allen, G. E.; Huenemoerder, D. P.; Primini, F. A.