Ando, H.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
83 NRP Modes in a Be Star Zeta OPH 301 Kambe, E.; Hirata, R.; Kato, M.; Ando, H.; Kennelly, E. J.; Walker, G. A. H.; Stefl, S.; Tarasov, A. E.
245 Cosmic Age in a Lepton-Asymmetric Unvierse: New Constraints From Primordical Nucleosynthesis and Cosmic Microwave Background Fluctuations 611 Kajino, T.; Orito, M.; Ichiki, K.; Kawanomoto, S.; Ando, H.; Mathews, G. J.; Boyd, R. N.
294 Search for Extrasolar Planets Around Intermediate-Mass Stars: Precise Radial Velocity Measurements of Late-G Giants 51 Sato, B.; Ando, H.; Kambe, E.; Takeda, Y.; Izumiura, H.; Masuda, S.
398 Properties of Planets Around G, K Giants 67 Sato, B.; Izumiura, H.; Toyota, E.; Kambe, E.; Ikoma, M.; Omiya, M.; Masuda, S.; Takeda, Y.; Murata, D.; Itoh, Y.; Ando, H.; Yoshida, M.; Kokubo, E.; Ida, S.
462 Okayama Project: Solar-like Oscillations in Sub-giants and Giants 220 Ando, H.; Kambe, E.; Sato, B.
478 Impact of 5-minute Oscillation on my Career 41 Ando, H.