Angel, R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
133 Sensitivity of an Active Space Telescope to Faint Sources and Extra-solar Planets 172 Angel, R.; Woolf, N.
164 Testing NGST Segment Technology in a 3.5-m Space Telescope 234 Burge, J.; Angel, R.
194 Flat mirror optics to study extra-solar terrestrial planets from space 389 Angel, R.; Burge, J.; Woolf, N.
195 Design for an 8-m Telescope with a 3 Degree Field at f/1.25: The Dark Matter Telescope 81 Angel, R.; Lesser, M.; Sarlot, R.; Dunham, E.
195 Adaptive Optics High Resolution Spectroscopy: Present Status and Future Direction (Poster) 568 Ge, J.; Ciarlo, D.; Kuzmenko, P.; Alcock, C.; Macintosh, B.; Cook, K.; Max, C.; Angel, R.; Woolf, N.; Lloyd-Hart, M.; Najita, J.
232 The Large-aperture Synoptic Survey Telescope. 347 Tyson, A.; Angel, R.
280 A wide field telescope optimized for multiple object spectroscopy or adaptive optics imaging 97 Burge, J.; Angel, R.
291 A Large, Serviceable HST Successor 263 Angel, R.; Codona, J. L.
294 Imaging Extrasolar Planets from the Ground 543 Angel, R.