Antonucci, R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
121 Below the Lyman Edge: UV Polarimetry of Quasars 747 Koratkar, A.; Goodrich, R.; Antonucci, R.
128 Spectropolarimetry of FIRST 0840+3633 84 Brotherton, M. S.; van Breugel, W.; Dey, A.; Antonucci, R.
161 Constraints on Disks Models of The Big Blue Bump from UV/Optical/IR Observations 193 Antonucci, R.
290 A First Close Look at the Balmer-edge Behavior of Quasar Big Blue Bump 217 Kishimoto, M.; Antonucci, R.; Blaes, O.
290 Four Partially Baked Results 295 Antonucci, R.; Whysong, D. H.
311 The Shape of the Big Blue Bump as Revealed by Spectropolarimetry 381 Antonucci, R.; Kishimoto, M.; Boisson, C.; Blaes, O.
343 Revealing AGN by Polarimetry 435 Kishimoto, M.; Antonucci, R.; Boisson, C.; Blaes, O.
373 The Near-IR Shape of the Big Blue Bump Emission from Quasars: Under the Hot Dust Emission 105 Kishimoto, M.; Antonucci, R.; Blaes, O.
386 The Spitzer View of Jet-ISM Interactions 15 Ogle, P.; Antonucci, R.; Leipski, C.; Appleton, P.; Whysong, D.
408 Aromatic Features in AGNs: Star-Forming Infrared Luminosity Function of AGN Host Galaxies 209 Shi, Y.; Ogle, P.; Rieke, G.H.; Antonucci, R.; Hines, D.C.; Smith, P.S.; Low, F.J.; Bouwman, J.; Willmer, C.