Araya, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
495 Exorcising the Ghost in the Machine: Synthetic Spectral Data Cubes for Assessing Big Data Algorithms 57 Araya, M.; Solar, M.; Mardones, D.; Hochfärber, T.
495 Evaluating a NoSQL Alternative for Chilean Virtual Observatory Services 409 Antognini, J.; Araya, M.; Solar, M.; Valenzuela, C.; Lira, F.
512 The ChiVO Library: Advanced Computational Methods for Astronomy 261 Solar, M.; Araya, M.; Mardones, D.; Arevalo, L.; Mendoza, M.; Valenzuela, C.; Hochfärber, T.; Villanueva, M.; Jara, M.; Simonsen, A.
521 JOVIAL: Jupyter OVerrIde for Astronomical Libraries 475 Araya, M.; Valenzuela, C.; Far'ias, H.; Solar, a. M.
521 Scaling Up Data Cube Indexing Services for Content-based Searches In the Chilean Virtual Observatory 535 Mendoza, M.; Barrientos, A.; Araya, M.; Solar, M.
522 Towards Large-scale RoI Indexing for Content-aware Data Discovery 57 Araya, M.; Caceres, R.; Gutierrez, L.; Mendoza, M.; Ponce, C.; Valenzuela, C.
522 Docker-based Implementation for an Astronomical Data Analysis Cloud Service 323 Diaz, M.; Araya, M.; Jauregui, C.; Valenzuela, C.; Pizarro, L.; Osorio, M.; Solar, M.
522 Wrapping and Deploying Legacy Astronomical Code into Python Environments: an Applied Case Study 501 Villanueva, M.; Valenzuela, C.; Sanchez, M.; Araya, M.
523 Cherenkov Shower Detection Combining Probability Distributions from Convolutional Neural Networks 75 Araya, M.; Casas, F.; Cáceres, R.
527 Content-Aware Data Discovery on VO Catalogs Using Succinct Representations 13 Araya, M.; Arroyuelo, D.; Saldías, C.; Solar, M.