Arellano Ferro, A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
11 F-G Supergiants as Distance Indicators : E(B - V) and M from nvbyBeta Photometry 218 Arellano Ferro, A.; Parrao, L.
11 The MV - W(0/7774) Relationship for F-G Stars from High Resolution Data 219 Arellano Ferro, A.; Giridhar, S.; Goswami, A.
11 Abundance Analysis of the Long Period Southern Cepheid RZ Velorum 220 Giridhar, S.; Arellano Ferro, A.; Goswami, A.
214 Optical Variability of the Be Star &ogr; And during the Period 1975-1998: Rotational Modulation or Multimodal Pulsations? 205 Guerrero, G.; Sareyan, J. P.; Álvarez, M.; Chauville, J.; Arellano Ferro, A.; Mathias, P.; Pena, J.; Garciá, E.
259 Activity as the Main Explanation of Light Variations of o And - Towards a Rotational Modulation Model 238 Sareyan, J. P.; Chauville, J.; Alvarez, M.; Guerrero, G.; Arellano Ferro, A.; Mathias, P.; Peña, J.