Arnaud, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
200 Abell 521: Multiwavelength Analysis of a Currently Forming Cluster 434 Maurogordato, S.; Arnaud, M.; Slezak, E.; Rho, J.; Proust, D.; Beers, T.; Pelló, R.; Cappi, A.; Kriessler, J. R.
200 A New Investigation of MS1054 in X-Rays 438 Neumann, D.; Arnaud, M.; Joy, M.; Patel, S.
251 Galaxy Clusters with CHANDRA and XMM-Newton Observatories (Invited) 154 Arnaud, M.
268 X-ray Observations of the ICM Physics (Invited Speaker) 157 Arnaud, M.
268 The Coma Cluster of Galaxies Observed by XMM-Newton 203 Briel, U. G.; Henry, J. P.; Arnaud, M.; Neumann, D.
268 New Evidences of Merging for the Galaxy Cluster Abell 521 363 Ferrari, C.; Maurogordato, S.; Benoist, C.; Slezak, E.; Arnaud, M.; Cappi, A.
268 An XMM-Newton Mosaic Observation of A2163 433 Pratt, G. W.; Arnaud, M.; Aghanim, N.
301 Structural and Scaling Properties of the X-Ray Cluster Population and their Cosmological Implications 85 Arnaud, M.
301 New Insights on Merging Clusters of Galaxies from XMM-Newton Observations 443 Belsole, E.; Arnaud, M.; Chièze, J.-P.; Pratt, G. W.; Sauvageot, J.-L.; Ferrari, C.; Benoist, C.; Bourdin, H.; Maurogordato, S.
301 Optically-selected clusters at 0.8 ≲ z ≲ 1.3 in the EIS Cluster Survey 451 Benoist, C.; Neumann, D.; Arnaud, M.; da Costa, L.; Arnouts, S.; Jørgensen, H. E.; Olsen, L. F.; Bardelli, S.; Zucca, E.; Scodeggio, M.; Biviano, A.; Ramella, M.
301 XMM-Newton AO-1 Observations Three SHARC Galaxy Clusters 531 Majerowicz, S.; Arnaud, M.; Neumann, D. M.
301 XMM-Newton Observation of A1413 555 Pratt, G. W.; Arnaud, M.