Title: Matter and Energy in Clusters of Galaxies
Volume: 301 Year: 2003 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Bowyer, Stuart; Hwang, Chorng-Yuan
ISBN: 1-58381-149-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-634-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
Evolution of the X-Ray Properties of Clusters of Galaxies 5 Henry, J. P.
High Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopic Constraints on Cooling Flow Models of Clusters of Galaxies and Gaseous Haloes Around Elliptical Galaxies 23 Kahn, S. M.; Peterson, J. R.; Paerels, F. B. S.; Xu, H.; Kaastra, J. S.; Ferrigno, C.; Tamura, T.; Bleeker, J.; Jernigan, J. G.
A High Resolution Picture of the Intracluster Gas 37 Markevitch, M.; Vikhlinin, A.; Forman, W. R.
Chandra Observations of Relaxed Galaxy Clusters 53 Allen, S. W.
A Cold Front in A3667: Hydrodynamics and Magnetic Field in the Intracluster Medium 63 Vikhlinin, A.; Markevitch, M.
X-Ray observations of Galaxy Clusters and Cosmological Implications 73 Böhringer, H.; Matsushita, K.; Finoguenov, A.
Structural and Scaling Properties of the X-Ray Cluster Population and their Cosmological Implications 85 Arnaud, M.
Ωm and σ8 from the Abundance and Clustering of REFLEX Clusters of Galaxies 97 Schuecker, Peter; Böhringer, H.
High Energy Results from BeppoSAX 109 Fusco-Femiano, R.; dal Fiume, D.; Orlandini, M.; de Grandi, S.; Molendi, S.; Feretti, L.; Grandi, P.; Giovannini, G.
EUV Emission in Clusters of Galaxies 125 Bowyer, S.
Radio Observations of Clusters of Galaxies 143 Feretti, L.
The Fate of Intracluster Radio Plasma 159 Enßlin, T. A.
The Strength and Origins of Magnetic Fields In and Beyond Clusters 169 Kronberg, P. P.
Magnetic Fields in Clusters of Galaxies; Observational Results 185 Clarke, T. E.
Modeling Magnetic Fields in Galaxy Clusters 193 Dolag, K.
Gamma Rays from Clusters of Galaxies 203 Blasi, P.
Galaxy Evolution in Clusters 221 Ellingson, E.
Large Scale Environmental Effects in Clusters of Galaxies 235 Kodama, T.; Smail, I.; Nakata, F.; Okamura, S.; Bower, R. G.
Environment Shaping Galaxies: Star Formation Histories of Cluster Galaxies 245 Poggianti, B. M.
Strong and Weak Lensing by Galaxy Clusters 255 Bartelmann, M.
Wide-Field Weak Lensing Cluster Mass Reconstructions 271 Clowe, D.
The Most Massive Clusters in the Universe 281 Czoske, Oliver; Kneib, Jean-Paul; Bardeau, Sébastien
Cosmic Rays in Clusters of Galaxies 293 Biermann, P. L.; Enßlin, T. A.; Kang, H.; Lee, H.; Ryu, D.
Structure Shocks as a Source of Cosmic Rays in Clusters 313 Jones, T. W.; Miniati, F.; Ryu, D.; Kang, H.; Hallman, E. J.
Dynamical Role of Cosmic Rays in Clusters of Galaxies 327 Ryu, D.; Kang, H.; Biermann, P. L.
Nonthermal Radiation and Acceleration of Electrons in Clusters of Galaxies 337 Petrosian, V.
Modelling the Non-Thermal Emission from Galaxy Clusters 349 Brunetti, G.
Analytic Approaches to Understanding the Distribution of Intracluster Gas 365 Wu, Xiang-Ping
Density Profiles and Clustering of Dark Halos and Clusters of Galaxies 379 Suto, Y.
Quasi-stationary Cooling Flows with Small Mass Deposition 395 Churazov, E.
Pressure Balance between Thermal and Non-Thermal Plasmas in the 3C129 Cluster 405 Harris, D. E.; Krawczynski, H.
Cosmological Simulations of X-Ray Clusters: The Quest for Higher Resolution and Essential Physics 419 Norman, M.
The Peculiar Cooling Flow Cluster RX J0820.9+0752 437 Bayer-Kim, C. M.; Crawford, C. S.; Allen, S. W.; Fabian, A. C.; Edge, A. C.
New Insights on Merging Clusters of Galaxies from XMM-Newton Observations 443 Belsole, E.; Arnaud, M.; Chièze, J.-P.; Pratt, G. W.; Sauvageot, J.-L.; Ferrari, C.; Benoist, C.; Bourdin, H.; Maurogordato, S.
Optically-selected clusters at 0.8 ≲ z ≲ 1.3 in the EIS Cluster Survey 451 Benoist, C.; Neumann, D.; Arnaud, M.; da Costa, L.; Arnouts, S.; Jørgensen, H. E.; Olsen, L. F.; Bardelli, S.; Zucca, E.; Scodeggio, M.; Biviano, A.; Ramella, M.
An Analysis of Claims of Detection of EUV Excesses with BeppoSAX; A Reanalysis 457 Berghöfer, T.; Bowyer, Stuart
Environmental Effects on the Galaxy Luminosity Function in the Cluster of Galaxies Abell 496 465 Durret, F.; Adami, C.; Lobo, C.
The Line of Sight Mass Distribution Towards Gravitationally Lensed Quasar 471 Faure, Cécile
Chandra Observations of the Disruption of the Cool Core in Abell 133 477 Fujita, Y.; Sarazin, C. L.; Kempner, J. C.; Rudnick, L.; Slee, O. B.; Roy, A. L.; Andernach, H.; Ehle, M.
Spectral Properties of Radio Halos 483 Giovannini, G.; Feretti, L.; Bacchi, M.; Govoni, F.
Modeling Radio Mini-Halos in Cooling Flow Clusters 489 Gitti, M.; Brunetti, G.; Setti, G.; Feretti, L.
First Results From an X-Ray, Weak Lensing and Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect Survey of Nearby Clusters: Abell 3266 495 Gómez, P. L.; Romer, K. A.; Peterson, J.; Cantalupo, C.; Holzapfel, B.; Kuo, C.-L.; Newcomb, M.; Ruhl, J.; Goldstein, J.; Torbet, E.; Runyan, M.
Magnetic Fields in Clusters of Galaxies Obtained Through the Study of Faraday Rotation Measures 501 Govoni, F.; Feretti, L.; Murgia, M.; Taylor, G.; Giovannini, G.; Dallacasa, D.
Reliability of the Dark Matter Clustering in Cosmological N-body Simulation on Scales Below the Mean Separation Length of Particles 507 Hamana, T.; Yoshida, N.; Suto, Y.
X-Ray Analysis of the MS0302 Supercluster 513 Horner, D. J.; Donahue, M.
Particle Acceleration Processes in the Coma Cluster 519 Kuo, P.-H.; Hwang, C.-Y.; Ip, W.-H.
XMM-Newton and Chandra view of the Cluster Abell 85 and its X-Ray Filament 525 Lima Neto, G. B.; Durret, F.
XMM-Newton AO-1 Observations Three SHARC Galaxy Clusters 531 Majerowicz, S.; Arnaud, M.; Neumann, D. M.
Weak Lensing Study of Abell 2029 537 Ménard, B.; Erben, T.; Mellier, Y.
Multi-band Deep Optical Imagings of the Hickson Compact Groups 543 Nishiura, S.; Shioya, Y.; Taniguchi, Y.
Magneto-Turbulent Cosmic Ray Acceleration in Galaxy Clusters 549 Ohno, H.; Takizawa, M.; Shibata, S.
XMM-Newton Observation of A1413 555 Pratt, G. W.; Arnaud, M.
On the Determination of the Mean Cosmic Matter Density and the Amplitude of Density Fluctuations 563 Reiprich, T. H.
Self-Gravitating Cooling Flows 569 Wang, C.-Y.; Foster, P. N.; Ip, W.-H.