Aulanier, G.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
150 3-D Twisted Flux-Tube in a Linear Force-Free Equilibrium 86 Aulanier, G.; Demoulin, P.
150 Filament Disparition Brusque and CME - September 25-26, 1996 Event 366 van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Schmieder, B.; Aulanier, G.; Demoulin, P.; Martens, P. C. H.; Zarro, D.; Deforest, C.; Thompson, B.; St. Cyr, C.; Kucera, T.; Burkepile, J. T.; White, O. R.; Hanaoka, Y.; Nitta, N.
155 Non potentiality of coronal loops above active regions 105 Aulanier, G.; Schmieder, B.; Démoulin, P.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Deforest, C.
155 Evolution of the Magnetic Field and Chromospheric Fine Structure in a Filament Channel 321 van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Mein, P.; Mein, N.; Schmieder, B.; Malherbe, J.-M.; Aulanier, G.; Démoulin, P.; Deforest, C.; Staiger, J.
155 3-D Modelling of a Filament Observed in Hα and with SOHO/MDI 326 Aulanier, G.; Démoulin, P.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Mein, P.; Deforest, C.
184 Some Advances in 3D-Magnetic Field Topology: an Observed Case of a "Bald Patch" Flare 65 Démoulin, P.; Aulanier, G.; Schmieder, B.
184 The Role of "Magnetic Dips" and "Bald Patches" for a Filament Observed by SOHO and GBO 291 Aulanier, G.; Schmieder, B.; Kucera, T.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Démoulin, P.; Mein, N.; Vial, J.-C.; Mein, P.
184 Long-Term Magnetic Evolution of an AR and its CME Activity 302 van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Mandrini, C. H.; Thompson, B.; Plunkett, S.; Aulanier, G.; Démoulin, P.; Schmieder, B.; de Forest, C.
248 Magnetic Evolution of a Long-Lived Active Region: The Sources of Magnetic Helicity 139 Mandrini, C. H.; Démoulin, P.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Aulanier, G.; Thompson, B.; Plunkett, S.; Kövári, Zs.
286 On the Need of High-Resolution Spectropolarimetric Observations of Prominences 45 Paletou, F.; Aulanier, G.
307 Na I D1 Stokes V Asymmetries and Velocity Structure Around Sunspots 374 Eibe, M. T.; Sánchez Almeida, J.; Mein, P.; Aulanier, G.; Malherbe, J. M.
307 Spectropolarimetry of Solar Prominences 458 Paletou, F.; Aulanier, G.
368 Unveiling the Magnetic Field Topology of Prominences 291 Lopez Ariste, A.; Aulanier, G.
369 What Can We Learn about Filaments from Vector Magnetograms 137 Schmieder, B.; Aulanier, G.; Lopez Ariste, A.
454 Reconstruction of 3D Coronal Magnetic Structures from THEMIS/MTR and Hinode/SOT Vector Maps 363 Schmieder, B.; Guo, Y.; Aulanier, G.; Démoulin, P.; Török, T.; Bommier, V.; Wiegelmann, T.; Gosain, S.
456 On the Nature of Prominence Bubbles and Plumes 77 Schmieder, B.; Zapior, M.; Heinzel, P.; Aulanier, G.