Title: The Fifth Hinode Science Meeting
Volume: 456 Year: 2012 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Leon Golub, Ineke De Moortel and Toshifumi Shimizu
The international Hinode mission was launched from Japan on 23
September 2006, and a science meeting has been held every year since
launch, alternating among Japanese, U.S. and European locations. The fifth such meeting occurred during the rise in solar activity following a
deep and extended minimum, and the theme of the meeting was
“Exploring the Active Sun.”
Studies of solar activity with Hinode were started shortly after launch,
but were hindered by the subsequent paucity of activity from mid-2007
until 2010. Activity levels since 2010 have risen rapidly, allowing us to
refocus on that major component of solar physics. There remain major
scientic questions to be addressed in the near future with Hinode and
with the other existing and planned space and ground-based solar
instrumentation. This volume provides a sampling of the exciting
results that we expect to be forthcoming in the next few years.
The meeting was attended by 171 participants from 13 countries. The
conference included 13 invited talks, 38 contributed talks, and 115
posters. A novel feature of the meeting was the introduction of
electronic posters, consisting of at-panel HD screens connected to
laptop computers and real-time internet access. Thirty two e-posters,
selected by having volunteers sign up to supplement their normal poster
presentations, were scheduled during the meeting.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Matter L. Golub, I. De Moortel and T. Shimizu
Conference Photos   
Conference Photos 1 L. Golub, I. De Moortel and T. Shimizu
Part I. Magnetic Structuring of the Sun From Beneath the Photosphere Through the Corona   
Recent Advances in the Exploration of the Small-Scale Structure of the Quiet Solar Atmosphere: Vortex Flows, the Horizontal Magnetic Field, and the Stokes- V Line-Ratio Method 3 Steiner, O.; Rezaei, R.
Numerical Simulation and SOT Magnetogram Analysis of the Small-scale Magnetic Elements in a Solar Emerging Flux Region 33 Toriumi, S.; Yokoyama, T.
Spontaneous Pore Formation in Magneto-Convection Simulations 39 Stein, R.; Nordlund, A.
Precursor of Sunspot Penumbral Formation Discovered with Hinode SOT Observation 43 Shimizu, T.; Ichimoto, K.; Suematsu, Y.
Multi-wavelength Observations of an EUV Jet in AR 10960 47 Matsui, Y.; Yokoyama, T.; Imada, S.
A High-Resolution Study of Ca II H Time Series 49 de Wijn, A. G.
Magnetic Field Structures in a Facular Region Derived from THEMIS and Hinode Vector Magnetic Field 55 Guo, Y.; Schmieder, B.; Bommier, V.; Mein, P.
Effects of Spectral Line Formation Height in Time-Distance Helioseismology 57 Nagashima, K.; Parchevsky, K. V.; Zhao, J.; Duvall, T. L.; Jr.; Kosovichev, A. G.; Sekii, T.
A 3D Radiative Transfer Code for Modeling the Hanle Effect in the Lyman α line 59 Štepán, J.; Bueno, J. T.
Understanding the Differences in Three Consecutive Large Flares 61 Tarr, L.; Longcope, D.
Some Dynamic Analysis of the Photosphere from Hinode/SOT and SDO/HMI Observations 65 Roudier, T.; Malherbe, J.; Rieutord, M.; Berger, T.; Frank, Z.; Prat, V.; Renon, N.; Gizon, L.; Svanda, M.
Comparison of Multi-Height Observations with a 3D MHD Sunspot Model 67 Jaeggli, S. A.; Lin, H.; Uitenbroek, H.; Rempel, M.
Hemispheric Helicity Sign Rule Observed by SP/Hinode 69 Hao, J.; Zhang, M.
Mass Loading of Quiescent Prominences 73 Schwartz, P.; Heinzel, 2. P.; Kotrč, P.; Anzer, U.; Kupryakov, Y.; DeLuca, E.
On the Visibility of Solar Prominences in SDO/AIA Channels 75 Heinzel, P.; Schmieder, B.; Parenti, S.; Golub, L.
On the Nature of Prominence Bubbles and Plumes 77 Schmieder, B.; Zapior, M.; Heinzel, P.; Aulanier, G.
Part II. Energy Transport and Dissipation Through the Solar Atmosphere and Into the Heliosphere   
Ellerman Bomb as a Manifestation of Chromospheric Fine Scale Activity 81 Kitai, R.
Spectroscopic Diagnosis of Propagating Disturbances in Coronal Loops: Waves or flows? 91 Wang, T.; Ofman, L.; Davila, J. M.
Two Components of the Coronal Emission Revealed by Both Spectroscopic and Imaging Observations 97 Tian, H.; McIntosh, S. W.; De Pontieu, B.
The Frequency of Heating in Active Region Cores: Results from the Fifth Coronal Loops Workshop 103 Winebarger, A. R.
Quantitative Study of Microflares 117 Kamio, S.
Inversion of Physical Parameters in Solar Coronal Magnetic Structures 121 Arregui, I..; Ballester, J.; Goossens, M.; Oliver, R.; Ramos, A.
Power-law Index of Nanoflares in a Coronal Loop Modified by Observational Conditions 125 Kitagawa, N.; Yokoyama, T.
Slow-Mode Oscillations of Hot Loops Excited at Flaring Footpoints 127 Wang, T.; Liu, W.; Ofman, L.; Davila, J.
Hot Plasma Detected in Active Regions by HINODE/XRT and SDO/AIA 129 Reale, F.; Testa, P.; Guarrasi, M.; DeLuca, E.; Peres, G.; Golub, L.
DEMs for EIS and AIA 131 Plowman, J.; Kankelborg, C.; Martens, P.; Ritchie, M.; Scott, J.; Sharma, R.
Elemental Abundances as a New Source of Uncertainty of the Hinode/XRT Filter-ratio T and EM Analysis 133 Takeda, A.; Kobelski, A.; McKenzie, D. E.; Yoshimura, K.
X-ray and EUV Filter Responses for Nonthermal κ-Distributions 135 Dzifčáková, E.; Dudík, J.; Karlický, M.
Temperature Diagnostic of a Brightening Observed by Hinode/XRT 137 Dudík, J.; Reeves, K. K.; Schmieder, B.; Dzifčáková, E.; Golub, L.
Simultaneous Observation of High Temperature Plasma of Solar Corona By TESIS CORONAS-PHOTON and XRT Hinode. 139 Reva, A.; Kuzin, S.; Bogachev, S.; Shestov, S.
Temperature Diagnostics of a Solar Active Region Using a Single-Filter Observation of Hinode/XRT 141 Terzo, S.; Testa, P.; Reale, F.
Part III. Instabilities, Transients and Eruptions   
Coronal Mass Ejections as a Result of Magnetic Helicity Accumulation 145 Zhang, M.
Solar Coronal Shocks and Particle Acceleration as Deduced from EUV, Radio, and In-situ Observations 151 Kozarev, K. A.; Korreck, K. E.; Lobzin, V. V.; Schwadron, N. A.
Simulations of the Magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in the Kippenhahn-Schlüter Prominence Model 157 Hillier, A.; Berger, T.; Shibata, K.; Isobe, H.
Structure and Dynamics of Quiescent Prominence Eruptions 165 Su, Y.; Lu, M.; van Ballegooijen, A.
Current Sheet and Reconnection Inflow-Outflow Observations During Solar Eruptions 169 Savage, S. L.; Holman, G.; Reeves, K. K.; Seaton, D. B.; McKenzie, D. E.; Su, Y.
Spectral Diagnostics of Flare and AR Plasma Based on EUV Spectra from the SPIRIT Spectroheliograph Aboard CORONAS-F 177 Shestov, S.; Kuzin, S.; Bogachev, S.; Reva, A.
Solar Chromospheric Flares: Energy Release, Transport and Radiation 183 Fletcher, L.
Fine Structures of the Reconnecting Current Sheet in Two-Ribbon Flares 195 Lin, J.; Shen, C.; Murphy, N. A.; Wu, N.
Asymmetric Magnetic Reconnection in Coronal Mass Ejection Current Sheets 199 Murphy, N. A.; Miralles, M. P.; Pope, C. L.; Raymond, J. C.; Reeves, K. K.; Seaton, D. B.; Webb, D. F.
Influence of Static and Stochastic Electric Fields on Electron Beams Bombarding the Chromosphere 203 Varady, M.; Karlický, M.; Moravec, Z.; Kašparová, J.
Coronal Rotation from XBPs Observed with Hinode/XRT 207 Kariyappa, R.; DeLuca, E.
Detecting Bright Points in Hinode XRT Lightcurves 211 Posson-Brown, J.; Kashyap, V.; Grigis, P.
Observational Evidence for Interaction Between X-ray Jets and Multiple Bright Points 217 Pucci, S.; Poletto, G.; Sterling, A.; Romoli, M.
Physical Parameters of a Blowout Jet Observed by HINODE and STEREO/EUVI 219 Pucci, S.; Poletto, G.; Sterling, A.; Romoli, M.
Dynamic Features of Current Sheet Associated with the 2010 August 18 Solar Flare 221 Takasao, S.; Asai, A.; Isobe, H.; Shibata, K.
Part IV. Future Needs   
The Hanle Effect in the Lyα Lines of H I and He II for Measuring the Magnetic Fields of the Solar Transition Region 225 Bueno, J. T.; Štepán, J.; Belluzzi, L.
The Chromospheric Lyman-Alpha SpectroPolarimeter: CLASP 233 Kobayashi, K.; Kano, R.; Trujillo-Bueno, J.; Ramos, A. A.; Bando, T.; Belluzzi, L.; Carlsson, M.; De Pontieu, R. C. B.; Hara, H.; Ichimoto, K.; Ishikawa, R.; Katsukawa, Y.; Kubo, M.; Sainz, R. M.; Narukage, N.; Sakao, T.; Stepan, J.; Suematsu, Y.; Tsuneta, S.; Watanabe, H.; Winebarger, A.
Measuring Uncertainties in the Hinode X-Ray Telescope 241 Kobelski, A.; Saar, S.; McKenzie, D. E.; Weber, M.; Reeves, K.; DeLuca, E.
Back Matter   
Author Index 245 L. Golub, I. De Moortel and T. Shimizu
Back Matter 247 L. Golub, I. De Moortel and T. Shimizu