Avila-Reese, V.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
117 On Formation of Disk Galaxies from Spherical Primordial Fluctuations 416 Avila-Reese, V.; Firmani, C.
117 The Building up and Evolution of Galactic Disks 424 Firmani, C.; Avila-Reese, V.; Hernandez, X.
163 On the Formation of Bulges and Elliptical Galaxies in the Cosmological Context 243 Avila-Reese, V.; Firmani, C.
230 Properties and Evolution of Disk Galaxies in a Hierarchical Formation Scenario 647 Avila-Reese, V.; Firmani, C.
230 Substructure and Halo Density Profiles in a Warm Dark Matter Cosmology 651 ColĂ­n, P.; Avila-Reese, V.; Valenzuela, O.
275 Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks: What is wrong with CDM? 405 Avila-Reese, V.; Firmani, C.
282 The shapes of rotation curves: models vs. observations 137 Avila-Reese, V.; Firmani, C.; Zavala, J.