Title: Star Formation in Early-Type Galaxies
Volume: 163 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Carral, P.; Cepa, J.
ISBN: 1-886733-84-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-499-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Young Stellar Populations in Early-Type Galaxies 3 Bruzual, A.G.
Systematic Variations in Age and Metallicity Along the Early-Type Galaxy Sequence 17 Pahre, M. A.; Djorgovski, S. G.; de Carvalho, R. R.
Synthetic Stellar Mass-to-Light Ratios for Stellar Populations 28 Maraston, C.
Star Formation History of Early-Type Galaxies in Low Density Environments 34 Longhetti, M.; Bressan, A.; Rampazzo, R.; Chiosi, C.
Star Formation History of Elliptical Galaxies and the Origin of the Fundamental Plane 41 Bekki, Kenji
Effect of the Large Scale Environment on the Stellar Content of Early-Type Galaxies 46 Prugniel, Ph.; Golev, V.
The Nature of Ionized Gas in Giant Elliptical Galaxies 55 Goudfrooij, P.
HI in Low-Luminosity Early-Type Galaxies 72 Oosterloo, T.; Morganti, R.; Sadler, E. M.
Morphology and Kinematics of HI in Dust-Lane Elliptical Galaxies 84 Morganti, R.; Oosterloo, T.; Sadler, E. M.; Vergani, D.
HI Observations of Early-Type Galaxies 95 del Río, M. S.; Brinks, E.; Carral, P.; Cepa, J.
Ionized Gas Content of a Merging Compact Group: Hickson Compact Group 90 102 Plana, H.; Mendes de Oliveira, C.; Amram, P.; Boulesteix, J.
Properties of the Neutral ISM in NGC 185 and NGC 205 109 Young, L. M.
Cold Gas and Star Formation in Elliptical Galaxies 119 Knapp, G. R.
Characteristics of the ISOCAM Mid-Infrared Emission of Early-Type Galaxies 135 Madden, S. C.; Vigroux, L.
Panel Discussion: Star Formation in Early-Type Galaxies 142 Knapp, G. R.; Binette, L.; Bower, R. G.; Brinks, E.; Goudfrooij, P.; Hau, G.; Pogge, R. W.; Young, L. M.
Dark Matter and Metal Abundances in Elliptical Galaxies from X-ray Observations of the Hot ISM 153 Loewenstein, M.
Cooling Flow Galaxies and Turbulent Mixing Layers 169 Binette, L.; Raga, A.; Cantó, J.
Star Formation and Abundances in SO Galaxies 174 Pogge, R. W.; Eskridge, P. B.
Globular Cluster Systems as Tracers of Star Formation Episodes in Early-Type Galaxies 184 Kissler-Patig, M.
Recent and Old Star Formation in the Local Group dE NGC 185 191 Martinez-Delgado, D.; Aparicio, A.
Star Formation in Polar-Ring Galaxies 197 Eskridge, P. B.; Pogge, R. W.
Star Formation Histories in Early-Type Galaxies 203 Thomas, D.
The Formation History of Early-Type Galaxies: an Observational Perspective 211 Bower, R. G.; Terlevich, A.; Kodama, T.; Caldwell, N.
Early-Type Galaxies in the Hierarchical Universe 227 Baugh, C. M.; Cole, S.; Frenk, C. S.; Benson, A. J.; Lacey, C. G.
On the Formation of Bulges and Elliptical Galaxies in the Cosmological Context 243 Avila-Reese, V.; Firmani, C.
The Colour-Magnitude Relation and the Star Formation History of Cluster Galaxies 250 Kodama, T.
A Massive Starburst in the Radio Galaxy PKS B1243+036 at Z = 3.6 258 Binette, L.; Joguet, B.; Wang, J.; Magris C, G.
The Role of Dust in Galactic Evolution 265 Rogers, G. D.; Collins, C. A.; Moore, T. J. T.
Spectral Classification of Early-Type and Late-Type Galaxy Population 268 Martínez, O.; Buzzoni, A.; Carrasco, L.
Simple Photometric Evolution Model 271 Vázquez, G. A.; González, J. J.
On the Local Mg2 - σ Relation of Early-Type Galaxies 274 Golev, V.; Prugniel, Ph.; Simien, F.
Age-Metallicity Conspiracy and The Tightness of The C-M, Mg2-σ and FP 276 Shioya, Yasuhiro; Bekki, Kenji
Mass Transfer and Star Formation in Early-Type Galaxies of Mixed Morphology; (E+S) Pairs 279 Hernández Toledo, H. M.
Formation of S0 Galaxies in Gas-Rich Galaxy Mergers 281 Bekki, Kenji
Eight Tests of Hierarchical Galaxy Formation Models Using the Observed Properties of Elliptical Galaxies 283 Pahre, M. A.
IC 3949: A Lenticular Post-Starburst Galaxy in Coma detected in HI 286 Bravo-Alfaro, H.; van Gorkom, J. H.; Cayatte, V.; Balkowski, C.
The Missing ISM of NGC 147 and M32 289 Welch, G. A.; Sage, L. J.
The External Origin of Counterrotation in NGC 3593 292 Pizzella, A.; Corsini, E. M.; Bertola, F.; Funes, J. G.; Beltrán, J. C. V.
Analysis of Absorption Indices in the Wavelength Region 3800-5500&Aring 294 Trinidad, M. A.; Gulati, R. K.; Chavez, M.
The HYPERCAT Database 296 Prugniel, Ph.; Golev, V.