Dale, D.A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
309 Infrared/Submillimeter Continuum Emission of Dust in Galaxies 179 Dale, D.A.
373 UV to Mid-IR SEDs of Low-redshift Quasars 604 Shang, Z.; Brotherton, M.; Dale, D.A.; Hines, D.
381 Mid-Infrared Spectral Diagnostics of Nearby Galaxies 95 Dale, D.A.; the SINGS Team
396 The Local Volume Legacy Survey 151 Lee, J.C.; Kennicutt, R.C.; Engelbracht, C.W.; Calzetti, D.; Dale, D.A.; Gordon, K.D.; Dalcanton, J.J.; Skillman, E.; Begum, A.; Funes, J.G.; Gil de Paz, A.; Johnson, B.; Sakai, S.; van Zee, L.; Walter, F.; Weisz, D.; Williams, B.; Wu, Y.; Block, M.
396 Spatially Resolved Spectral Energy Distributions of Nearby Galaxies 157 Muñoz-Mateos, J.C.; Gil de Paz, A.; Zamorano, J.; Pérez-González, P.G.; Gallego, J.; Boissier, S.; Dale, D.A.; Madore, B.F.; Sánchez, S.; the GALEX and SINGS Science Teams