Davies, J. I.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
117 The Distribution of Low-Surface-Brightness Galaxies in the Local Universe 510 Morshidi, Z.; Davies, J. I.; Smith, R.
136 Evidence for an Extended Distribution of Cold Dust in Nearby Disk Galaxies? 155 Alton, P. B.; Davies, J. I.; Bianchi, S.; Trewhella, M.
170 Found: High Surface Brightness compact galaxies 128 Drinkwater, M. J.; Phillipps, S.; Jones, J. B.; Gregg, M. D.; Parker, Q. A.; Smith, R. M.; Davies, J. I.; Sadler, E. M.
170 The radial extent of the Fornax cluster Low Surface Brightness galaxy population 138 Davies, J. I.; Kambas, A.; Morshidi-Esslinger, Z.; Smith, R.
232 Dwarf Galaxy Populations in Nearby Clusters. 147 Smith, R. M.; Davies, J. I.; Kambas, A.
276 Gas Rich Galaxies and the H I Mass Function 449 Davies, J. I.