DeLuca, E.E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
325 Differential Emission Measure Reconstruction with the Solar-B X-Ray Telescope 217 Golub, L.; DeLuca, E.E.; Sette, A.; Weber, M.
325 Solar-B X-Ray Telescope (XRT) 15 Kano, R.; Hara, H.; Shimojo, M.; Tsuneta, S.; Sakao, T.; Matsuzaki, K.; Kosugi, T.; Golub, L.; DeLuca, E.E.; Bookbinder, J.A.; Cheimets, P.; Owens, J.K.; Hill, L.D.
369 The X-Ray Telescope for Solar-B: Calibration and Predicted Performance 19 DeLuca, E.E.
397 Physical Conditions in Coronal Structures About to Flare 130 Hudson, H.S.; Hannah, I.G.; DeLuca, E.E.; Weber, M.
397 DEM Temperature Analysis of Eruptive Events Using the XRT on Hinode 187 Reeves, K.K.; Weber, M.A.; Kashyap, V.; DeLuca, E.E.