Debray, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
295 Turning Besançon Observatory On-line Facilities into the VO: Galactic Model Simulation, Binary Star, Molecular Collisional and TNO Databases 317 Debray, B.; Dubernet-Tuckey, M.-L.; Grosjean, A.; Oblak, E.; Petit, J.-M.; Reylé, C.; Robin, A. C.
314 Access to Atomic and Molecular Data/Databases in the VO 213 Dubernet, M.L.; Debray, B.; Grosjean, A.; Bruston, M.; Combes, F.; Cornille, M.; Egret, D.; Stehle, C.; Tchang-Brillet, L.; Zeippen, C.
314 BDB - A Database for All Types of Double Stars 217 Oblak, E.; Debray, B.; Kundera, T.
314 Access to Databases of Atomic and Molecular Data in the VO 582 Dubernet, M.L.; Debray, B.
351 The Besançon Model of our Galaxy: a simulation tool towards the Virtual Observatory 224 Debray, B.; Robin, A.C.; Reyle, C.; Schultheis, M.
411 The Binary Star Database — BDB 442 Malkov, O.; Oblak, E.; Debray, B.
521 The Binary Star DataBase BDB v3.0 217 Kovaleva, D.; Malkov, O.; Kaygorodov, P.; Debray, B.