Dekel, A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
15 Mapping Large-Scale Flows in Three Dimensions: Method 67 Bertschinger, E.; Dekel, A.
15 Mapping Large-Scale Flows in Three Dimensions: Application 83 Dekel, A.; Bertschinger, E.
15 Cluster-Cluster Correlations 251 Primack, J. R.; Olivier, Scot; Blumenthal, G. R.; Dekel, A.
51 Large-Scale Dynamics from Peculiar Velocities: Omega = 1? 194 Dekel, A.
197 Galaxy Interactions and Starbursts at High Redshift 331 Somerville, R. S.; Rosenfeld, G.; Kolatt, T. S.; Dekel, A.; Mihos, J. C.; Primack, J. R.
200 Clustering of High-Redshift Galaxies: Relating LBGs to Dark Matter Halos 29 Wechsler, R.; Bullock, J.; Somerville, R.; Kolatt, T. S.; Primack, J. R.; Blumenthal, G. R.; Dekel, A.
201 Potent Reconstruction from Mark III Velocities 205 Kolatt, T.; Dekel, A.; Eldar, A.; Yahil, A.; Willick, J. A.; Faber, S. M.; Courteau, S.; Burstein, D.
201 Cosmological Parameters and Power Spectrum from Peculiar Velocities 262 Zehavi, I.; Dekel, A.
201 Reconstructions Methods and the Value of β 321 Willick, J. A.; Davis, M.; Dekel, A.; Shaya, E.
201 Measuring a Non-Linear Galaxy Biasing Function 360 Sigad, Y.; Dekel, A.; Branchini, E.
201 Cosmic Flows 1999: Conference Summary 420 Dekel, A.
230 Spin Profile of Galactic Halos and Disk Formation 565 Dekel, A.; Porciani, C.; Kolatt, T. S.; Bullock, J. S.; Kravtsov, A. V.; Klypin, A. A.; Primack, J. R.
245 Cosmic Flows: A Status Report 584 Courteau, S.; Dekel, A.
327 Phase Space Structure and Substructure of Dark Halos 303 Dekel, A.; Arad, I.