Deluca, E. E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
26 Magnetic Flux Tubes in a 3D Chaotic Flow Field 240 Fisher, G. H.; Deluca, E. E.; Patten, B. M.
42 The Evolution of Anchored Magnetic Flux Loops in the Convective Envelope of the Sun 89 Fan, Y.; Fisher, G. H.; Deluca, E. E.
415 Coronal Loop Temperatures Obtained with Hinode XRT: A Toothpaste-Tube Analogy 299 Schmelz, J. T.; Saar, S. H.; Weber, M. A.; DeLuca, E. E.; Golub,L.
454 Cooler and Hotter X-ray Bright Points from Hinode/XRT Observations 149 Kariyappa, R.; DeLuca, E. E.; Saar, S. H.; Golub, L.; Damé, L.; Varghese, B. A.
455 X-Ray Searches for Solar Axions 25 Hudson, H. S.; Acton, L. W.; DeLuca, E. E.; Hannah, I. G.; Reardon, K.; Van Bibber, K.
455 Applications of Quasi-Separatrix Layer Maps in Understanding an XRT Sigmoid 261 Savcheva, A.; van Ballegooijen, A.; DeLuca, E. E.
504 Is it Possible to Use the Green Coronal Line Instead of X rays to Cancel an Effect of the Coronal Emissivity Deficit in Estimation of the Prominence Total Mass from Decrease of the EUV-corona Intensities? 89 Schwartz, P.; Heinzel, P.; Jejčič, S.; Rybák, J.; Kotrč, P.; Fárník, F.; Kupryakov, Yu. A.; Deluca, E. E.; Golub, L.; Jibben, P. R.; Anzer, U.; Tlatov, A. G..; Guseva, S. A.