Dermott, S. F.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
104 Sources of Interplanetary Dust 143 Dermott, S. F.; Grogan, K.; Gustafson, B. A. S.; Jayaraman, S.; Kortenkamp, S. J.; Xu, Y. L.
104 Estimating the Asteroidal Component of the Zodiacal Cloud Using the Earth's Resonant Ring 155 Jayaraman, S.; Dermott, S. F.
104 Sirtf: a Unique Opportunity for Probing the Zodiacal Cloud 159 Jayaraman, S.; Dermott, S. F.; Werner, M.
104 The Contribution of Kuiper Belt Dust Grains to the Inner Solar System 163 Liou, J.-C.; Zook, H. A.; Dermott, S. F.
104 Naturally Occurring Selection Effects on the Terrestrial Accretion of Interplanetary Dust Particles 167 Kortenkamp, S. J.; Dermott, S. F.; Liou, J. C.
104 Search for the Signature of Interstellar Dust in the COBE Data 325 Grogan, K.; Dermott, S. F.; Gustafson, B. A. S.; Jayaraman, S.; Xu, Y. L.; Hamilton, D.
104 Size Distributions of Asteroidal Dust: Possible Constraints on Impact Strengths 473 Durda, D. D.; Dermott, S. F.
177 A Unique View Through the Earth's Resonant Ring 374 Wyatt, M. C.; Dermott, S. F.; Grogan, K.; Jayaraman, S.
177 Simulations of Warped Dust Disks 381 Holmes, E. K.; Dermott, S. F.; Grogan, K.; Wyatt, M. C.
177 Observing the Solar System Dust Bands with SIRTF 385 Grogan, K.; Dermott, S. F.
219 Pericenter Glow: A Signature of Hidden Planets in HR 4796? (Contributed Talk) 289 Wyatt, M. C.; Dermott, S. F.; Telesco, C. M.